84 Sqn ATC Crest

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Regiment Demo Day - Final Instructions

The final line-up for attendance at the Regiment Demo Day, in order drawn from the hat, is:

  1. FS Dalton
  2. FS Virdi
  3. Sgt Tariq
  4. Cdt Saglik
  5. Cpl Ruddick
  6. Cpl Irvine
  7. Cdt Cardus
  8. Cdt Stewart D
  9. Cpl Docherty D
  10. Cdt Patel
  11. Cdt Stewart J
  12. Cdt Goadsby
  13. Cdt Webbon
  14. Cdt Gibbins
  15. Cdt Lanigan-Meade
  16. Cdt Wilkinson
The reserve is Cdt Beswick.

We will be departing for Cosford at 0830hrs, and returning between 1400hrs and 1500hrs (stopping for lunch on the way home). Dress is DPMs (Combat Soldier 95), don't forget your berets and 3822s - Saglik and Stewart will be given theirs on the bus.