84 Sqn ATC Crest

Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Fund-Raising Success!

The cadets, staff and committee members of 84 Squadron hit the checkouts of Sainsbury's Kenilworth over the weekend before Christmas, for our annual Bag Pack fund-raising event.

By helping the customers pack their shopping bags, we are not only doing the obvious (directly helping the customer) - we're actually speeding up the time it takes to process each customer, thus keeping the queues shorter and helping the store process more customers.

Despite the dreaded Credit Crunch and Christmas being late in the week, this year we managed to raise a fantastic £1618 during the 11 hours the cadets were manning the checkouts.

Mr Cardus, the Squadron Treasurer, extends his thanks to the staff and management at Sainsbury's Kenilworth for having us back yet again.

Monday, 1 December 2008

RIAT 2009 Camps

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2009 will be held at RAF Fairford over the weekend 18-19 Jul 09. As usual, the cadets and staff of the Air Training Corps have been invited to participate - to deploy a 700 strong team to assist during the build-up phase, the Tattoo itself and the clear-down phase.

The contribution made by the Air Cadets to RIAT is highly valued, with cadets carrying out a variety of tasks including crowd control, car parking, leaflet and program distribution, manning of display areas and the Flight Centre, aircraft coning, playing the part of casualties for the emergency exercises, catering and FOD clearance.

Of course, it isn't all work - Tasks are organised to ensure staff and cadets have sufficient time to enjoy the Tattoo and have unrivaled close-up views and access to the visiting aircraft from across the world.

Camp Timetable

There are three phases to the RIAT Camp; Cadets interested in attending should inform the Adj ASAP as to which phases they are available for:

  • Phase 1 - Camp Build-up: Sat 11 - Wed 15 Jul 09
  • Phase 2 - Main Camp: Wed 15 or Thu 16 - 21 Jul 09
  • Phase 3 - Clear Down/FOD Plod: Tue 21 - Fri 24 Jul


Each year, the ATC forms a 30+ strong SWAT Team consisting of older (16-20yrs), physically-fit cadets, who assist the RIAT Site Services Team as a 'do anything, go anywhere' team. The separate SWAT Camp dates are:

  • SWAT Early (10 Cdts + 2 Staff) 7-10 Jul 09
  • SWAT Main (30 Cdts + 6 Staff) 10-21 Jul 09
  • SWAT Clearance (10 Cdts + 2 Staff) 21-24 Jul 09

Short Deadline

All enrolled, First Class, cadets are entitled to apply for a RIAT camp place, but bids MUST be made by SUNDAY 18 JAN 2009!