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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wing Field Day - Final Instructions

The WBW annual Wing Field Day is being held at Gamecock Barracks, Bramcote, this Sunday 14 Jun 09. For more information about the event and individual competitions being held, visit the WFD page on the Wing website.

The WFD is an official Wing Parade and as such ALL cadets are to attend (with the exception of RTF, who will meet at the usual time and place).


Everyone is to meet at The Oak pub at 0750hrs. Do not be late, do not forget anything: the coach will not wait and you will be considered AWOL. We are scheduled to depart Bramcote for the return journey at 1900hrs, arriving at The Oak at between 1930hrs and 1945hrs.


Cadets are to WEAR No3 CS95 (greens), with smocks. Further, they are to BRING full No 2 SD (light-blue Wedgewood shirts, with ties AND JERSEY), and Jeltex (blue foul-weather jackets) where issued. GP jackets are not to be worn by cadets.

The football team are to also bring their kit, including non-marking sole trainers and wash kit.

Uniformed staff are to wear No 2 SD and bring No 1 SD. Civilian staff should wear smart civilian clothes - ACO CI poloshirts where issued, or 84 Sqn poloshirts would be nice.


We are guests of 30 Signals Regt and as such our conduct is to be exemplary. A full briefing about what not to do and where not to go will be given on the day. Further, as a military establishment, it is essential that everyone carries appropriate ID at all times - for Cadets F3822s; for uniformed staff F1250/MoD90; and for Civilian Staff, Passports/Driving Licenses. Intake 1/09 Cadets who have not been issued F3822s yet will be given temporary ID for the day.

Drill Squad Practice Session

There will be a training session for the Drill Squad on Saturday morning, 0900-1030hrs. Dress is civvies, but with 'sensible' shoes - combat boots, SPARE parade shoes if you have them, or even just school shoes. Trainers won't help you hear each-other and will ruin the session for everyone.