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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Training Programme - Sun 30 Aug 09

Cadets with presentations/slideshows/videos to load must be at the Sqn by 0950hrs. All other cadets by 1000hrs. Visitors are invited to arrive at 1015hrs. The Open Day talks and tour will run from 1020hrs to approximately 1215hrs, followed by a short 'Final Parade', then...

Barbecue - Menu

From around 1215hrs, the civilian committee will begin serving lunch! The menu includes:

  • Locally sourced and prepared beef burgers and hot-dogs, with salad and garnishes.
  • Home-Made Cakes
  • Tea, Coffee, Soft-Drinks

Dress: Cadets - No2/2A (Wedgewood Blues with jerseys); Staff - No 1SD.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Squadron Open Day 2009

84 Squadron is holding an Recruitment and Review Open Day and social barbecue on Sunday, 30 August 2009, and you are invited!

The cadets will be using the morning to tell their parents, supporters of the Squadron, and potential recruits, about all of the activities they've taken part in over the last year. And there have been a few.

Cadets from this Squadron have traveled across Europe and the world: skiing in the Alps, living on a military base in Germany, and representing the RAF on the International Air Cadet Exchange to New Zealand. They've experienced aerobatics in RAF training aircraft, flown solo in motor gliders (before being old enough to drive), and been passengers in helicopters. We've been shooting, played sports, won competitions for modeling, lead the Royal British Legion Remembrance Sunday parade in Baginton, manned the finish lines at two Race For Life events, tackled assault courses, packed hundreds of christmas shopping bags and done a lot of shoe polishing in between!

We'd like you to hear from the cadets themselves, see what we do day-to-day, and hopefully sign-up to experience it for yourself! And if that's not enough, then there's the barbecue at lunch-time - no matter what the weather!

Cadets are to arrive by 1000hrs, guests are invited to arrive for 1015hrs. We will be aiming to begin serving food by 1230hrs.

Please download the appropriate letter below, and make contact us to let us know if you are coming and wanting to stay for the barbecue.

Invitation Letters

To New Recruits | To Parents and Friends

Exercise KHAKI BADGER Invitation

84 Sqn has been invited by the Southam and Stratford Sqns to take part in Exercise KHAKI BADGER, a fieldcraft and radio training weekend to be held at the Nesscliffe Training Area over the first weekend of October.

We have nominally been given 12 cadets places (plus 3 staff). If you would like to bid on a place, return the consent and medical form to the Sqn ASAP - the closing date for bids is 30 Aug 09. A letter to introduce the exercise to your parents has also been prepared. Any enquiries should be directed to CI Webbon.

Letter to Parents | Consent Form

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Training Programme - Sun 9 Aug 09

OIC's Inspection today. Though if the weather is half-decent, there is a good chance he may get called in to work - an unusual occurrence this summer!

Other than the formal parade and inspection, as far as the cadets are concerned, it is Projects and Open-Day preparation. Those who need coveralls, bring them!

Dress: No 2 - Wedgewood Blues.