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Monday, 28 September 2009

Exercise KHAKI BADGER Kit List

Essential Kit

All cadets and staff must be in possession of the following clothing and equipment:

  • Bergan / Rucksack (to pack this lot in)
  • Day Sack (Small rucksack for flask/drinks bottle, snacks, waterproofs, extra layers etc)
  • F3822 (with photograph)
  • Beret
  • Full DPM Uniform
  • Spare DPM uniform (minimum of extra pair of trousers and shirt)
  • Warm Layers (Norgie/fleece jumper/t-shirt/thermals)
  • Boots
  • Socks (suitable for wearing with boots; 2x spares)
  • Waterproofs
  • Underwear
  • Civilian outer-clothes (for travel to site)
  • Sleeping Bag (must be good quality - 3 season - Not the sort you use at a kids sleep-over or in a caravan!)
  • Roll mat
  • Hand Torch & Spare Batteries (red filters if you have them)
  • Wash Kit & Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Knife, Fork, Spoon
  • Mug (NOT china! Flask-style or travel mugs ideal)
  • Mess Tins (less than £5 from Go-Outdoors in Canley)
  • Drinks Bottle
  • Boot Cleaning Kit
  • Camouflage Cream
  • Notebook & Pen / Pencil
  • Medication (CLEARLY LABELLED)
  • Small Personal First Aid Kit
  • Snack Bars (for breaks)

Recommended Items

  • Poncho (not your Mum's Cashmere)
  • Bungees
  • 4m Para cord (water resistant string!)
  • 4 small round tent pegs

Optional Items (if available)

  • Webbing (to replace daysack)
  • Basha Kit

Any valuable items e.g. mobile phones are taken at your own risk. Some items may be handed in to Staff for safekeeping. The host Squadrons and Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing are not liable for any loss or damage incurred on this activity.

Training Programme - Wed 30 Sep 09

Drill and Khaki Badger kit preparation and inspection. Those going on KB will need to bring their kit along for inspection so that staff can identify any deficiencies. See the separate story for basic joining instructions and kit list.

Dress: No2C (Working Blues).

NB: JNCO Cse nominations and deposits MUST be in by tonight.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Training Programme - Wed 23 Sep 09

Lectures for all tonight. RTF will need to bring their shoe polishing kits... and shoes (if you have them already - otherwise you'll just have to take off your boots and go cold feet for a while!).

Your polishing kit should include:

  • Kiwi Black Polish
  • a good quality duster (thick and soft) or silver polishing cloth
  • a ball of cotton wool (or make-up removing pads)
  • an old toothbrush

Nominations Open for November JNCO Course

We have had confirmation that a JNCO Leadership Development Course, open to both male and female cadets, is to be held at DCAE Cosford over the weekend 27-29 November.

Cadets wishing to attend must be First Class, competent at drill, be at least 15 years old, and be recommended by their OCs. Due to other courses of this type being canceled earlier this year, the number of bids made across the Wing is expected to be large - so I can tell you now that not everyone eligible to attend will be selected! There are only 40 places for the whole Wing.

The cost will be £15, which will cover a packed meal on arrival, full messing, certificate, course photograph, refreshments and a copy of the WBW JNCOs Handbook.

If you would like to bid on a place, you must bring a cheque (payable to M D Harrison) to the Sqn before Wednesday 30 Sep 09.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Training Programme - Sun 13 Sep 09

Today will be the second OC's Inspection (to be carried out by the OIC!). The formal inspection will take place first-half, then into classes for the remainder of first-half and the whole of second half.

Cadets (and parents) are reminded that bids for places on the DofE Exped at the end of the month must be received by Sunday.

Dress: No2 (Wegdewood blues and Jerseys).

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

DofE Bronze Exped - Sep 09

485 (Harbourne) Squadron have invited us to take part in their Bronze DofE practice expedition at the end of September. Any cadets over 14 who have enrolled in the Bronze DofE Award Scheme may attend. Those who have not undertaken a practice expedition before will have priority. We are sorry for the last-minute notice about the activity, but the discussions only began at the end of August!

Those interested in taking part must pass on the letter to their parents, and have them complete, sign and return the consent form with payment by Sunday 13 September. You must ensure you have, or can acquire the required personal equipment (boots, clothing, rucksack, sleeping bag etc) before bidding on a place. Maps and compasses will be provided.

Letter to Parents | Consent Form | DofE Kit List

September Training Programme

Here is the master Training Programme for September. Each TP will be updated as required, but the link will remain constant - so worth checking out regularly.

September 2009: [HTML] [PDF]

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Training Programme - Wed 2 Sep 09

Hey, it's back to school folks! First classification lessons of the season. Last chance to submit KHAKI BADGER bids and Gibraltar camp applications.

Dress: No2C (Working Blues)