84 Sqn ATC Crest

Friday, 6 November 2009

Grass Parking Area Withdrawn From Use

Please would all parents, staff and visitors note that the the Airport Authority has withdrawn access to the grass area opposite the Squadron gate due to the damage our cars have caused over the last couple of weeks - since the weather turned soggy.

Two new areas have been designated for our use during parade hours, both 'around the corner' behind the Squadron hut - please ensure you use the right one:

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Waiting Area: Second-left after the bend, the concrete hardstanding directly opposite the northern side of the Squadron is available as a waiting area ONLY. Cars must not be left unattended as the area is the airport 'Emergency RVP' - a holding area for civil emergency vehicles responding to inbound aircraft in distress - so you must be ready to move on if lots of blue lights appear over the horizon.

Parking: Just beyond the RVP, the gravel parking area is available for us to leave our cars parked unattended.

Please take care walking from the new car parking areas to the Squadron gate - there is no footpath, and with the minibus parked where it is, it makes the bend practically blind.