84 Sqn ATC Crest

Monday, 4 January 2010

Nominations Open for February JNCO Course

We have had confirmation that a JNCO Leadership Development Course, open to both male and female cadets, is to be held at DCAE Cosford over the weekend 26-28 February.

Cadets wishing to attend must be 15 years old, First Class, competent at drill, and be recommended by their OCs as a potential NCO. Following on from canceled courses last year, the number of bids made across the Wing is expected to be large - so I can tell you now that not everyone eligible to attend will be selected! There are only 40 places for the whole Wing.

The cost will be £15, which will cover a packed meal on arrival, full messing, certificate, course photograph, refreshments and a copy of the WBW JNCOs Handbook.

If you would like to bid on a place, you must bring a cheque (payable to M D Harrison) to the Sqn before Wednesday 20 Jan 10.