84 Sqn ATC Crest

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Training Programme - Sun 20 Jun 10

RTF will continue with Map Reading training. Everyone else will be checking and preparing expedition equipment.

Dress: No 2C (Working Blues).

Swimming Assessments

Following the parade, there will be an opportunity to complete an Air Cadet Basic Swimming Proficiency test at the Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre. Anyone wishing to undertake water-based adventure training must have completed this test - including those canoeing in July. Everyone is welcome, even if you hadn't put your name down in advance.

The test requires you to simply swim 50m, tread water for two minutes, then climb out of the side of the pool (unassisted, without steps). The test shouldn't take more than 5 minutes in total.

Transport from the Squadron will be provided, but cadets should arrange to be picked-up from the sports centre at 1330hrs. You will, obviously, need to bring swimming trunks/suit and towel.