84 Sqn ATC Crest

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

September Training Programme

See training programme for September below: [HTML] This includes a mix of academic lessons, project work, activities and night-ex. Our new intake will start on Sunday 18 September - please encourage all those interested to contact the Squadron in advance.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Imagineering Fair

84 Squadron will be taking part in Imagineering Fair at Airbase this Bank Holiday Weekend, providing a recruitment stall for visitors to learn about the Air Cadet Organisation and volunteer cadets to help the event run smoothly.

The fair will be packed with scores of fun, exciting hands-on engineering and technology activities. There will be everything from robotics, flight simulators, pneumatics and IT to mechanical and electrical challenges, aviation and automotive engineering. Youngsters will be able to see and learn at first hand about the mind-blowing technology behind our everyday lives, and hopefully be inspired to go on to explore more opportunities in modern technology and engineering.

Prize Draw

We will be drawing the winner of our Prize Draw on Monday afternoon. Tickets will be on sale to visitors all weekend. Cadets are to ensure that all stubs for tickets sold are brought to the Adjutant on our AIRBASE stand by 1400hrs on Monday. Good luck everybody!

Squadron Briefing

Time: Staff and cadets volunteering should, where possible, report to the Adjutant or OC at 0900hrs for the daily briefing. Our Sunday Parade will take place at Airbase, not our HQ. Duties will finish at 1730 on Saturday and Sunday, 1630hrs Monday.

If you can only make the core parade hours on Sunday, then please find and report directly to the Air Cadet stall (or as otherwise directed) to sign-in and receive the parade briefing. Everyone is encouraged to stay for the rest of the day though, and food will be available for volunteers.

Dress: on Saturday and Monday will be No2C (Working Blues), and No2/A on Sunday. GS-qualified cadets may wear flying suits whilst working on the stand.