84 Sqn ATC Crest

Sunday, 19 February 2012

March Training Programme

The March training programme is almost complete with more exciting activities coming up.


Important Dates to Note:

  • Sun 4 March - Another 10 Cadets have the opportunity to visit Coventry Air Traffic Control as part of Airmanship I training.
  • Exams - to be held on Wednesday 7 March for all those taking Leading, Senior and Master Classifications. NOT TO BE MISSED!
  • Sat 10 March - 5 Cadets will get the opportunity to attend No8 shooting.
  • Sun 11 March - Visit to Coventry Airport Fire Section for practical demonstrations and the opportunity to visit another element of our busy local airfield.
  • Sat 24 - Sun 25 March - Initial Expedition Training Weekend for all those relatively new cadets to practice elements taught in the classroom with activities set in the outdoors. Includes the chance to camp out overnight, learn how to cook with camping stoves and much more.
  • Fri 23 - Sun Sun 25 March - Weapons Training Weekend for No 8, L98A2 and L81 rifles.