84 Sqn ATC Crest

Friday, 29 June 2012

Come to our Presentation Day Parade and Garden Party at AIRBASE, 15 July 2012

Our squadron will be holding a 'Presentation Day and Parade' on Sunday 15 July 2012, hosted by Air Atlantique at AIRBASE, Coventry Airport. It will be an opportunity for the squadron to celebrate the achievements of all the cadets and staff through the academic year 2011/12; presenting certificates for classifications and qualifications received, and publicly presenting the trophies awarded previously at our Annual Dinner back in February.

As well as the parents and families of the cadets being present, the parade will take place in front of members of the public visiting AIRBASE – indeed, we shall be one of the attractions of the day!

The day will include the taking of a Squadron photograph, drill display, and following the parade, a social 'garden party' with drinks provided by the Civilian Committee. Food will also be available through the Canberra Cafe and DC6 Dinner which are on the same site.

Dress will be No2A for visiting staff and cadets, No 1SD for service guests. We ask that our civilian guests and visitors dress 'smart casual' (shirts and trousers/slacks, or ladies equivalent) as befits the occation.

Arrival for guests will be between 1030 and 1100hrs, with the parade at around 1130 and the garden party continuing into the afternoon. Parking will be available at the AIRBASE car park.