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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Next Commandant Air Cadets is Announced

The next Commandant Air Cadets has been revealed today. The current Commandant, Air Commodore Barbara Cooper, said:

“I am delighted to announce that Group Captain Dawn McCafferty RAF (Retired) is the preferred candidate to become the next Commandant Air Cadets. Subject to successful completion of the necessary administrative requirements, she will assume command in the rank of Air Commodore (FTRS) at a date to be confirmed but anticipated August-September 2012.”

With this appointment, we will see our first non-regular officer take command of the organisation. Instead, the Commandant will be a member of the Full-Time Reserve Service (FTRS). These roles are open, in the main, to ex-Service personnel. The broad principle behind the FTRS is that personnel are recruited to make use of skills and competences they already hold (from regular or other Reserve service).

Dawn McCafferty McCafferty joined the RAF in 1983 and completed a 23-year career which culminated in her appointment as the Group Captain Inspector of Recruiting for the RAF. It was in the role that she was the Reviewing Officer for the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing's Training Day Parade in 2006!

She's no stranger to the workings of the upper ACO neither, as after leaving the regular service in 2006, she volunteered to work in HQ Air Cadets pending full-time employment.

Since 2007, Dawn has been Chairman of the RAF Families Federation, based at RAF Wittering. This job has seen her regularly visit RAF units and meet with RAF personnel and their families to gather evidence of the issues causing concern, and then submitting reports to higher authorities in the RAF, MoD and Government.