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Friday, 8 June 2012

Project Propeller - Joining Instructions

Whilst the weather isn't looking like a perfect summer's day, the aircrew reunion Project Propeller is still on for Saturday 9 June at Coventry Airport. By 9am, the rain should have passed, and the cloud lifted to allow most of the private pilots in. However, it is still forcast to be very windy, so we may still see some of the visiting aircraft be put off.

The drop-off point for Project Propeller is at the AIRBASE car park, and you are to meet me in the shop/reception (or just outside on the airfield side) at 0900hrs.  If you are late, you must come and find a member of staff (probably at the front of or just inside Hangar 7).

Dress is No2 (wedgewood shirt and tie, with jumper).  Don't forget your foul weather jackets either (though we should be lucky and miss the rain).

A buffet lunch is provided.