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Monday, 27 August 2012

Wednesday 29 August

End of Summer Social

This wednesday will be an informal parade to end the of Summer and the start of our Autumn Training period. There will be pizzas, ping-pong and other games to entertain.
Please bring £5 towards the cost of food

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sporting Season

We are entering the season of Sports Trials and Competitions. Sign-up sheets are on the noticeboard at the Squadron but here's a breakdown of what's coming up 

Sunday 09 September 2012: 
Wyndley Leisure Centre, Sutton Coldfield

  • Wing Open Age Girls Hockey Trails: 1145hrs - 1330hrs (approx)
  • Wing Senior Football Trials: 1300hrs - 1500hrs (approx)
Cadets selected on the day to represent the Wing Team will be required to attend the Regional Competition at RAF Cranwell on Sun 30 September 2012

Saturday 15 September 2012: Wing Swimming Championships
Stechford Cascades, Birmingham, 1600 - 2200hrs (approx)
  •  Juniors: under 16yrs on 31 December 2012
  • Seniors: 16 yrs and over on 31 December 2012
All age groups consist of the following events. Juniors swim 2 lengths and Seniors 3 lengths except for Butterfly events which will be 2 lengths for both age groups and for the Freestyle relay which is 4 cadet swimming one length each.
a. Butterfly
b. Backstroke
c. Breaststroke
d. Freestyle
e. Individual Medley (1 length of each stroke)
f. Freestyle Medley (4x1 length)

Sunday 23 September 2012: Wing Junior & Senior Rugby Trials
Age Groups as follows:
  • Juniors: must be at least 14yrs old and under 16yrs on 01 September 2012
  • Seniors: must be 16yrs and under 19yrs on 30 April 2013
Cadets selected on the day to represent the Wing Team will be required to attend the Regional Competition at RAF Cranwell on Sun 04 November 2012


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Training Programme - Sunday 26 Aug 12

It's the 84 Squadron Olympics! A few crazy games and competitions to round off the summer season.

Dress: Sport(y) Kit (you might get wet). NO UNIFORM.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Westminster Day Trip: Monday 13 August 12

We can now confirm the details for the the tour of the Houses of Parliament, plus visits to other Westminster attractions. Ten cadets have been selected and identified. Letters with consent slips were issued during Sunday's Parade.

Transport will be by squadron minibus. We will be departing from the Squadron at 0655hrs and returning to Coventry early evening. Cadets will be instructed to call home as we pass the M25, about 90 minutes from Coventry.

Costs: Cadets need to bring £5 contribution for transport (minibus+congestion charge), plus enough spending money to cover any museum entries and for lunch. We may also resort to public transport if weather dictates (or feet get tired!), so bring any Oyster Cards if you have them. We estimate you need to bring approx £15 - £20.

Dress & Kit: Wear No2 (Wedgewood Blue) dress and bring a small daysack with jerseys and issued Jeltex foul-weather jackets and suncream (the forcast is for rain and sun). Cadets will need their 3822s and any student ID may also be useful for transport consessions. Remember to have a good breakfast before leaving home and bring plenty of fluids and snacks to keep you going throughout.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Westminster Day Trip 2012

We can now confirm that the tour of the Houses of Parliament, plus visits to other Westminster attractions will be taking place on Monday 13 August. Full details to be released on Weds parade, but places limited to just 10 cadets.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer Training Programme

 See below link to the August Training Programme


Coming up this summer:
  • Summer Camp Fever: Staff and cadets will travel to several locations to experience life on an active RAF Station by living in the Junior Ranks accomodation and visiting station sections. Activities planned include: flying, gliding, sports, fieldcraft and leadership exercises to name but a few. The week also includes external visits to local aviation memorials, museums and places of interest.
  • Cooking Challenge  - Cadets are set the challenge of cooking a three course meal for staff using only camping stoves. Preparation and planning are key to provide three courses within the set budget. In previous years, staff have been invited to take part in a themed evening with waiter service and 'entertainment' between courses!
  • 84 Olympics - this year the traditional sports day will have an Olympic feel with cadets competing in individual and team sports to see who will be crowned champion on the day!
  • HMS Bristol: 5 cadets will depart at the end of the August for Porstmouth to spend a week aboard HMS Bristol, a Royal Navy training ship. Cadets will enjoy visits to the many Naval museums and attractions in and around Portsmouth.