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Thursday, 18 April 2013

April, May and June Training Programmes

What a busy couple of months we've got ahead! There are so many non-routine parades and extra activities planned that we're going all-out and publishing THREE months of training programmes. Planning this far ahead WILL mean changes to some of the routine parades, so as usual, do keep on eye on things.

Comming-up in April

  • Enrolment Parade for RTF 13/1: Taking our strength up to 49 Cadets!
  • Bronze DofE Practice and Qualifer Expeditions
  • Initial Wpns Training Weekend (No8 & L98A2) at DTE Nesscliffe
  • Collins Trophy Shooting Competition (Mon 29 Apr)

Looking Forward to May

  • Wing Athletics Championships: This is an all-day event that the whole Squadron will be attending. Everyone is expected to participate in at least one event, or come and show their support as a spectator.
  • Bronze DofE Qualifer Expedition (Wolvey)
  • Wing Banner Drill Competition
  • Midland Air Museum: RTF will visit the MAM as part of their 'History of Flight' studies.
  • Provisional Radio Operators' Course: Another all-day event for those who can stay.
  • Squadron Drill Team Selection: Final selection for the Wing Field Day team.
  • Annual Dinner: A formal dinner celebrating and awarding the acheivements of 2012, and dining-out the senior cadets and staff who have left the Squadron over the last year. Date is to be finalised once guest of honor and venue have been tied-up.

Spying into June

  • RAF Cosford Air Show: The midlands' own airshow, the first time the squadron has been able to attend for many years as it doesn't clash with the Wing Field Day! Cost will be just £5 each, which includes transport and entry.
  • Wing Field Day: The BIG inter-squadron competion of the year. Will all the preparation and training of the last 2 months pay off?
  • Dragon Boat Race: It's war on the water in Warwick, as the local squadrons compete against eachother for honour and glory. Followed by a Barbeque! Cost is £14 for crew, £2 for spectators.
  • Uniform to Work Day: The day before the annual Armed Forces Day is Reserves and Cadets awareness day, when all members of cadet organisations as invited to where their uniforms to work and school, demonstrating to the wider public how diverse membership of the reserve forces is.
  • Wing Shooting Day, RAF Cosford.
  • Cancer Research Race for Life: The whole squadron will be deploying to Stoneleigh Park to help man the finishing lines at this huge fundraising event. The girls will even be taking part!