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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Annual Camps 2014


Its that time of year when we get details of the upcoming camp allocations for 2014 and the year ahead looks to be a bumper year with plenty on offer across the UK and overseas.

Bidding letters have been issued and will need to be returned before the end of the year. We understand that it may be difficult to plan so far ahead but please do make bids as accurately as possible and we ask that you let us know as soon as possible should you availability change.
NEW Return Slips are available from the squadron office.

UK Camps
Eligibility for UK camps: Any enrolled Cadet (no age requirement)

Please note there will be no week camp at HMS Bristol in 2014. There will be 2 weekend camps (4 - 6 July & 31 Oct - 2 Nov), details of which will be issued separately.
There will also be a Wing Fieldcraft Camp at Sennybridge 2-9 Aug.


Details still to be finalised


S1. RAF Shawbury: 30 cadets (m/f split TBC) across the Wing

Home of the Defence Helicopter Flying School serving all three military services, RAF Shawbury is one of our closest stations based in Shropshire. The Central Flying School (Helicopter) and The Central Air Traffic Control School ensure this camp is a dynamic and exciting place for cadets to visit.

[RAF Shawbury Homepage]

    26 Jul - 2 Aug

S2. RAF Wyton: 18 male & 12 female cadet places available across the Wing.

Located near to Huntingdon Cambridgshire, RAF Wyton is home to the Headquarters Joint Forces Intelligence Group, the Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre as well as No 5 Air Experience Flight.
[RAF Wyton Homepage]
  • 2 - 9 Aug*
 *Clashes with Wing Fieldcraft Camp

S3. RAF Linton-on-Ouse: 22 Cadet places (m/f split TBC)
One of the busiest airfields in the country, RAF Linton-On-Ouse, trains the future fast jet pilots of both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy with the Tucano T1. Based on the outskirts of York, the station provides flying, operational and support wings to prepare individuals for their future careers and wider commitments.
 [RAF Linton-On-Ouse Homepage

  • 9 - 16 Aug

S4. RAF Halton: 38 male and 15 female places across the WingPart of No 22 (Training) Group, RAF Halton hosts the Directorate of Recruitment and Initial Training where all new recruits to the Airforce as well as many civilian roles are trained to the highest possible standard.
[RAF Halton Homepage]
  • 23 - 30 Aug

Autumn: NEW DATES! 
Now does not fall in-line with Coventry & Warwickshire Half-term dates!

A1. RAF Boulmer: 22 cadets (m/f split TBC) across the Wing
Based in Alnwick, Northumberland, RAF Boulmer is the home of Air Surveillance and Control System Force & the RAF School of Aerospace Battle Management. Also based here is A Flight 202 Squadron Search & Rescue who are ready to scramble in support of military or civilian personel in distress at sea or on land.
[RAF Boulmer Homepage
  • 18 - 25 October (Please check half-term dates!)

Overseas Camps 
Central & East Region has offered the following camps to Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing. Please ask in the office for more details including projected costs and requirements.

Spring: Ascension Island 
Wed 26 March - Tues 1 April 2014
Age requirement: 17yrs or over AND must have attended at least one UK Camp previously.
A visit to this important staging post for military personnel travelling to the Falkland Islands and St Helena. The programme is to include instructional visits to learn how RAF Staging Posts are managed, resources & operated; Adventure Training and Support for the local community including any 'Hearts & Minds' activities.

Summer: Gibraltar
5 - 12 Aug 2014
Eligibility: 15 years minimum on date of departure AND must have attended at least one UK Camp previously
The primary role of the RAF stationed on the Rock of Gibraltar is to manage the airfield and provide support to aircraft transiting through this forward operating base.
[RAF Gibraltar]

Autumn: Cyprus
16-25 October 2014 (check half term dates)
Eligibility: 15 years minimum on date of departure AND must have attended at least one UK Camp previously
Cyprus is a highly important Permanent Joint Operating Base with RAF Akrotiri supporting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also provides warm weather training for Fast Jet Operations including the training ground for the Red Arrows.
[RAF Akrotiri]