84 Sqn ATC Crest

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sunday 23 Feb - Training Programme Details

Radio Course at 485 Squadron
The 10 selected cadets attending this course need to arrive at the Squadron at 0730hrs.
Uniform: No 2C (Working Blues)
Take with you: 3822, lunch & drink, notebook and pen

Bridge Building Exercise
Everyone else, not attending the radio course, will be at the squadron as normal.
Uniform: No 3 (DPMs)
Bring with you all or some of the following: newspapers, cardboard tubes, cereal/tissue boxes, sellotape, glue, card.
The more resources you can bring, the easier you will find the challenge!!!

Good Luck!

New Recruits
You will be starting your first lessons on the History of the Air Training Corps 
Uniform: Coveralls