84 Sqn ATC Crest

Monday, 24 November 2014

November Activities UPDATE

Climbing at Redpoint: Thurs 27 Nov 14

Cost: £12 payable in advance.

Uniform: Civies (loose, comfortable clothing recommended)

Timings: Depart 84 Sqn HQ 1815hrs. Return 2145hrs.

What to bring: Completed Consent Form & Medical Declaration Form - See Link below

Joint Squadron Fieldcraft & Activity Weekend at DOI Nesscliff: 28 - 30 Nov 14

See link below for the kit list. Please email the Adjutant ASAP if there are any queries. If you need to borrow kit from the Squadron we will sort this on Wednesday during parade.

Kit List

Consent Forms (links below) and printed kit lists are available on Wed.

Costs: £5 payable in advance.

Travel Plan: Depart from 84 Squadron at 1800hrs on Friday 28 Nov 14. Therefore please aim to arrive at the Sqn 1745hrs. All cadets to travel in No3 DPM/PCS.

Return journey on 30 Sun 14 arriving back at 84 Sqn approx 1730-1800hrs. 

Consent Form   &   Medical Declaration Form