84 Sqn ATC Crest

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

February Training Programme

See below links for the February programme.


Coming up this month:

  • Wing Field Day Prep - lots of sessions gearing up towards the final competition in April. In order to get all the activities up to scratch in time it will be important for all cadets involved to attend as many sessions as possible.
  • Method of Instruction Course - Sat 14 Feb: Cadet Corporal Lauren Coker will be attending the one-day course to learn the techniques of being an inspirational and informative instructor.
  • No 8. Initial Training - Sun 15 Feb:  Four cadets will attend the initial training on this weapons system and if successful in passing their safe-handing test they will be eligible to live fire at a session later in the month.
  • Sports Trials - Sun 15 Feb: Wing trials for Junior Rugby, Junior Football, Junior Girls Netball and Junior Girls Hockey will be held throughout the afternoon at Kenilworth School. See in the Squadron for more details.
  • Wing Cross Country Championships - Sun 22 Feb: The annual competition will take place at Kenilworth Rugby Club during the afternoon. Fingers crossed its not too muddy!!
  • Air Experience Flying - Sun 22 Feb: The first slots for 2015 and for quite some time so fingers crossed for good weather to get seven lucky cadets up in the air.
So even though it is a short month, there's still plenty going on!