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Sunday, 31 May 2015

June Training Programme

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Coming up this month:

  • Youth Aviation Day - Sun 7th June: Located at Husbands Bosworth Airfield, the Squadron will visit a variety of different stands and aircraft aimed at educating young people about different aviation industries and paths to careers in flying. Watch out for travel details on the Facebook page, coming soon.
  • Royal Air Force Association Visit - Wed 24th June: Local volunteers and members from Leamington RAFA are planning to visit the Squadron to start the first of several link sessions. The visit will allow cadets to meet with ex service-personell and discover their history, especially their time with the RAF. We are also starting to piece together 84 Squadron Archive, trawling through the records and many photographs we have in storage.
  • Fantastic Fundraising Event - Fri 26 June at the Royal British Legion, Baginton. Come and try your luck in our evening of gameshow rounds. Test your knowledge, skill and perseverance in a round of every show possible! Tickets £3 per person available from the Squadron or on the night. Light buffet available and a cash bar. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

84 Squadron gets Double Gold Awards

Corporal Lauren Coker & Sergeant Charlotte May
show off their Gold Award
84 (Coventry Airport( Squadron is celebrating not one but TWO Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards (DofE) which have been awarded to Cadet Sergeant Charlotte May and Corporal Lauren Coker. The awards are the first of several in the pipeline for the Squadron and show off the dedication and hard work of the cadets and staff in achieving the highest DofE award.

On Wednesday 27th May it was a great pleasure to award two cadets with their Gold DofE awards at the Squadron. Both Sergeant May and Corporal Coker have worked continuously throughout their time with the Air Cadets and achieved all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. The Gold Level requires dedication, drive and determination to pass through a series of different elements over a 12-month period. One of the most challenging tasks is the expedition which involves a self-sufficient trek over 'wild country' (rough) terrain lasting for approx 4 days, 3 nights. As well as the expedition the candidates also attend a 4-night long residential camp where they must learn new skills and alongside new people and experience a different aspect of life in the Air Training Corps. 

Cadet Sergeant Charlotte May, now aged 18, started with the Air Cadets back when she was just 13 years old. Since then she has developed through to become one of the most senior cadets on the squadron and as such is an excellent role-model for all the younger recruits. She has offered a consistent and dedicated approach to everything and this is a brilliant example of her achievements. When asked about her experience, Charlotte said “We had to create our own routes, booking the campsites and sorting the transport and money out. We needed to be really good at time keeping and motivating each other to continue especially when we camped on a steep hillside and all slid downhill in the night! All in all it was an unforgettable experience and anyone who can do it should

Corporal Lauren Coker has found the Air Cadets to be her rock throughout the last few years. She has been a regular attendee and really shown her skills in teaching the younger members through her wide knowledge range and now has shown her strive for success with this highest award. Reflecting back on her achievements, Corporal Coker said “Lying beneath the stars, eating dinner next to waterfalls, discovering places that we would never have found alone were all part of the amazing experience. We faced up to the challenge of Gold DofE together and succeeded, and I'd certainly do it all again given the chance!”

Both Cadets will receive a gold-stitched cloth badge to proudly display on their uniforms and will be invited later in the year to attend a ceremony at St James' Palace where HRH Duke of Edinburgh himself will present them with their certificates. We look forward to receiving the invite and hearing all about their experiences having afternoon tea with royalty. 

Flying Officer Rosie Chapman, Officer-in-Charge at 84 Squadron said, "I only recently took over the running of the squadron but have known both these cadets since they joined and I am incredibly proud of their achievements as individuals and for the wider squadron. The hard work they have put in is really inspiring and we hope to see some more awards coming soon".

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Learning Life Skills

84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron cadets have begun a programme of Life Skills starting this month with a look at vehicle maintenance. The cadets had the opportunity to look under the bonnet of three vehicle types to see what they would need to do in preparation for a journey.

During the first session in early May, cadets were taught what checks need to be completed regularly on vehicles in order to ensure they were road-worthy and safe. Then they were taken out to carry out these checks on the car of Flying Officer Rosie Chapman RAFVR(T), Officer-in-Charge. They were shown how to check the tyre tread, oil levels, engine coolant as well as visual checks of the vehicle and the engine compartment. Inside the vehicle they set themselves up with the correct seating position and mirror combination according to their height to see how much difference there is between drivers. This was then transferred onto the Squadron Owned Vehicle (SOV), a 15-seater minibus.

 On 17 May, Civilian Instructor Mike Walton arranged to bring his work vehicle in to demonstrate the differences with a Heavy Goods Vehicle. Cadets explored the truck both in the cab and the trailer and Mr Walton then demonstrated the difference in driving techniques required to manoeuver this much bigger vehicle whilst cadets had a short ride in the cab.

The Life Skills programme has been set up to give cadets opportunities to learn skills that are essential part of being an adult.  The vehicle maintenance sessions were designed for those cadets who may be approaching the age where they start their driving lessons and for those who may be interested in joining the armed forces where transport forms a huge and very important section of any operation.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

84 Squadron Cadets are Flying High

Cadet Georgia Roddis still smiling mid-flight
On Sunday 10th May, 6 lucky cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron went to RAF Cosford for the first flying slots in almost two years. Each flight lasted approximately 25 minutes taking them high above the countryside to see the world from a different perspective.

The 6 cadets aged from 14-17 were selected to attend the Air Experience Flying Day at RAF Cosford following a long period of aircraft maintenance, pilot training and bad weather which hampered previous allocations over the last twelve months.

On arrival at the flying station early on Sunday morning the cadets were given a briefing on the weather conditions, flying controls and the aircraft before being kitted up in a flying suit, gloves and helmet. The safety video showed the cockpit layout of the GrobTutor along with the safety aspects of accessing the aircraft and the procedure for emergencies. Finally, issued with a sick bag each, they awaited their flights!

Cadet Daniel Stephens & Corporal Pheoebe Jenner 
Throughout the day each cadet went with an instructor who took them out to the aircraft and up in the air. The volunteer pilots have a great wealth of knowledge and experience either in the services or in commercial aviation industries and really enjoy taking young adults on flights to train and share the power of aviation. One commented to Cadet Daniel Stephens mid flight that “it’s just what we do!” Whilst the pilots do the majority of the flying on the first sortie, especially take-offs and landings, once up in the air, control is handed over to the cadets to experience flying the aircraft for themselves. They are taught how the controls work, how sensitive they can be and how to fly the aircraft straight and level. 

Usually, if the cadet has managed the controls successfully and the weather conditions are right, there is time for a spot of aerobatics under the control of the instructor. Sick bags at the ready they performed loops, rolls and other exciting manoeuvres before coming back in to land.

Cadet Georgia Roddis, aged 15, came back to the ground with a huge smile on her face saying “I enjoyed it so much, not many people my age can say they have flown an aircraft and done aerobatics!”
Cadet Eve Hibberd gets a selfie with her pilot
Cadet Eve Hibberd who only joined the Squadron in September 2014 said that she “really enjoyed the whole experience. Learning about flying controls in the air was really cool and we had so much fun. I appreciate the unique opportunity we have as Air Cadets and I will remember this forever”.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Air Cadet Open Evening: Wed 13 May 2015

84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron are opening the doors for a Spring Recruitment Evening on Wed 13 May 2015 starting at 1930hrs at Coventry Airport West, Baginton, CV8 3AZ

We are looking for any young people aged 12-17yrs with an interest in aviation, the Royal Air Force or other military units and want to join a fun, exhilarating and inspiring organisation then the Air Cadets is for you. 
Among the many activities you could be doing each week are: Flying, Marksmanship Training, academic lessons in a wide range of subjects, practical training such as map reading, military fieldcraft skills as well as communication and leadership training.

If you are over 20yrs old and have a couple of spare hours a week with an interest in leading, inspiring and educating young adults then come along to find out how you can become an instructor. You may have a particular skill which you feel relevant to the organisation or simply enjoy the challenge trying something different and learning new skills then we may be just right for you.

Please email 84@aircadets.org if you are planning to attend our Spring Open Evening or would like to register your interest and make an alternative appointment.

See our Contact page for directions.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

May Training Programme

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Coming up this month:
  • Air Experience Flying - Sun 10 May: We have our first potential slots for over a year coming up. 8 cadets can apply to take to the skies in the Grob Tutor and experience life up in the air. Cadets interest MUST sign up in the Squadron on Wednesday OR email oc.84@aircadets.org in order to bid for a place.
  • Open Evening - Wednesday 13 May: Interested in joining the Air Cadets as either a cadet or adult instructor then come along to our open evening to find out more. Please email the Squadron (84@aircadets.org) to register your interest in advance so we can judge numbers. The events will start at 1930hrs and finish approx 2100hrs. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance Part 2: Following a successful theory and practical session at the start of the month using a car as a demonstration model we are planning to show cadets how to care and maintain bigger vehicles including the minibus and a HGV. 
  • Tailors Parade - Sun 30 May: Our first in a series of dedicated parades for cadets to get their uniform up to scratch ready for the next inspection. Cadets will have chance to get useful tips from more experienced members as well as visit stores to exchange items where available.