84 Sqn ATC Crest

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Learning Life Skills

84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron cadets have begun a programme of Life Skills starting this month with a look at vehicle maintenance. The cadets had the opportunity to look under the bonnet of three vehicle types to see what they would need to do in preparation for a journey.

During the first session in early May, cadets were taught what checks need to be completed regularly on vehicles in order to ensure they were road-worthy and safe. Then they were taken out to carry out these checks on the car of Flying Officer Rosie Chapman RAFVR(T), Officer-in-Charge. They were shown how to check the tyre tread, oil levels, engine coolant as well as visual checks of the vehicle and the engine compartment. Inside the vehicle they set themselves up with the correct seating position and mirror combination according to their height to see how much difference there is between drivers. This was then transferred onto the Squadron Owned Vehicle (SOV), a 15-seater minibus.

 On 17 May, Civilian Instructor Mike Walton arranged to bring his work vehicle in to demonstrate the differences with a Heavy Goods Vehicle. Cadets explored the truck both in the cab and the trailer and Mr Walton then demonstrated the difference in driving techniques required to manoeuver this much bigger vehicle whilst cadets had a short ride in the cab.

The Life Skills programme has been set up to give cadets opportunities to learn skills that are essential part of being an adult.  The vehicle maintenance sessions were designed for those cadets who may be approaching the age where they start their driving lessons and for those who may be interested in joining the armed forces where transport forms a huge and very important section of any operation.