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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fire Section Visit: Wed 29 July

On Wednesday 29th July, the 84 Squadron cadets enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Airport Fire Section where they experienced getting ready for a call out, rolling out water hoses and then watched a demonstration of an aircraft fire being extinguished. 

Fire Officer Wayne Perry gave an insight into the role of the airfield firefighter, the tasks they undertake on a day-to-day shift as well as the emergency protocolls. Cadets were tasked with getting one team member into the full 'rig' including boots, under layers, over layers and helmet....all whilst they wore gloves! Cadets were amazed to learn that the crew had to do all this and be at the scene of the emergency within 2 minutes of the alarm sounding!

Following the talk and a question-answer session they then went out to get wet! Cadets were shown how to roll out the hoses, connect them and then aim at a specific target. They each had a go with the forceful hose which for some was a little too strong to handle on their own! To end the evening, the crew put on a demonstration of how they would tackle an engine fire on an aircraft with their simulator. Even from the our position standing back on the bank, the warmth could be felt and the team just went in with their protective gear and equipment to deal with the blaze in a matter of minutes.

A huge thanks to the crew at the Airport Fire Section, we hope to be back again soon for some more! Check out the Squadron Facebook page for more photos.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Come Dine with Ma'am

On Sunday 26th July, Cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron took up their saucepans and spatulas in the annual cooking competition. This year, entitled Come Dine with Ma'am, two teams of cadets were challenged with cooking the best three-course meal for Officer-in-Charge, Flying Officer Rosie Chapman.

Given only one parade to prep and plan, cadets were tasked with creating a culinary feast based on a theme with decorations and entertainment. Supervised by staff, cadets were then given basic cooking equipment on which to prepare their meals. Due to the lovely British summer weather there was a last minute dash indoors so the planned Trangia and gas stoves were swapped to indoor electric hob, microwave and toaster!

Team America promised a trip across the USA with Nachos, Star-Spangled Burgers and Maple Pancakes. They went the extra mile to decorate the room in red, white and blue. Even Maryllin Monroe and Elvis were invited! The stars and stripes lay across the table and there was attention to detail with hand-made flowers. Cadet Jeffs entertained the diners during the main-course with his keyboard skills.

Team Eurovision prepared a delightful dish of mushrooms in White Wine sauce, Paella and Belgian Chocolate pudding for desert. Their simple but effective decorations went alongside Eurovision highlights from the ages on the big screen and a vintage Shloer was poured by the wine-waiter!

Official taste-tester, Fg Off Rosie Chapman was invited to sample each menu before offering it for the cadets to try their own creations. “I am really pleased with the effort both teams have put into this challenge. They have worked together really well to create lip-smackingly good menus and they've even done all the washing up!”

The cooking challenge has formed part of the Life-Skills sessions and following its success there will be more cooking lessons in store for the squadron. For more photos, check out the 84 Squadron Facebook Page.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Two Take to the Skies for the First Time

Despite the rain and overcast skies, on Friday 24th July two cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron took off in a Grob Tutor T1 for their first ever Air Experience Flights at RAF Cosford.

Cadet Hiran Patel, aged 17 and Cadet James Worrall, 14, have both been Air Cadets at Coventry Airport Squadron for some time but due to the allocations of places, cancellations due to weather and other conflicting conditions neither have been able to take to the skies until now. On a very grey Friday they travelled to RAF Cosford keeping everything crossed that the clouds and rain stayed away long enough for them to get their first air experience. Luckily they were both allocated slots in the first two waves of sorties and once kitted out in a flying suit, helmet, gloves and the all important parachute, they were escorted out to the aircraft to meet with their pilots.
Cadet James Worrall

Once seated comfortably in the cockpit their pilots took them up in the air where they were given control of the aircraft. With close instructions they were shown how to turn, climb, descend and then return to straight and level. Both experienced some aerobatic manoeuvres under the control of the pilot but with their hands on the controls to 'follow-through' the movements. Handing back complete control to the pilot, they landed safely on the runway and taxied back to the parking area with huge smiles on their faces.

Cadet Hiran Patel
Cadet Worrall was really happy with the whole experience saying “I flew most of the flight myself. I never thought I would have such control on my first turn but it was awesome!”. Cadet Patel, who has previously experienced glider flights said “it was so much quicker than gliding. I loved experiencing zero-G. I'm definitely going to be coming back if there is chance”.

During Air Experience Flights, cadets learn about the controls of the aircraft from highly qualified pilots who are either current and ex-service or civilian pilots. They are given rigorous safety briefs before taking to the air and then given the first levels of flying training. In subsequent flights they will progress with their training as well as move onto some more complicated aerobatics.

Written by Flying Officer Rosie Chapman RAFVR(T)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Come Dine with Ma'am!

Tonight is the launch of the 2015 cooking competition:

Cadets will be split into teams and have tonight to design a 3-course menu to be cooked at the Squadron on Sunday 26 July for the Officer in Charge, Flying Officer Rosie Chapman. 

The meal must be cooked using the limited kitchen facilities (i.e. a microwave and toaster) at the unit as well as on the camping stoves before being served to the staff with suitable entertainment provided between courses! All ingredients and resources must come within the budget of £10 per team.
Watch this space for the results! Let the cooking commence....

Monday, 6 July 2015

Flying Back in Time at the Coventry Air Pageant

On Saturday 4th July, Air Cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were invited to support the Baginton Air Pageant run by Classic Air Force at Coventry Airport. Cadets enjoyed a range of historic aircraft both on the ground and in the air as well as raising funds and recruitment contacts for the Squadron.
Cadets Thakrar, Jeffs, Charlton & Garrett at the ATC stand

Early in the morning a team of cadets and staff set up a recruitment and info stand as well as the fantastic Airfield Treasure Hunt game. They picked a prime spot at the entrance to one of the large aircraft hangers where it was cool and away from the draft of the activity on the runway! Cadets were then shipped off to help the organisers of the event with their admin by filling welcome packs with flyers and vouchers. After some hard work they were allowed to wander around the stalls, look at the aircraft close up and have some well deserved ice creams!

Airfield Treasure Hunt Game
Back at the main stand there were plenty of visitors looking at the display. Many were ex-air cadets from all over the country so had lots of stories to offer. Others were potential new recruits who were signed up to attend an open evening later in the summer. Everyone who came past the stand were encouraged to spend just £1 on entering the Airfield Treasure Hunt game where there were some on-the-spot prize winners who took away RAF goodie bags. By 315pm the squares were filling up fast and after a final flurry of entries the winner square was revealed! Taylor Hope was quickly called back to the stall to receive her special goodie bag and £10 winners prize. She was over the moon to be the overall winner and was delighted with the bag of prizes. Second prize went to Mr Geoff Moore from Sutton Coldfield. As he had already left for the day his prize will be mailed to him directly.

Taylor Hope receiving her Winners Prize from Flying Officer Rosie Chapman!
Throughout the day, cadets were tasked with helping run the Flight Simulator inside one of the hangers. Leading this was Cadet Corporal Phoebe Jenner and as a reward for her efforts she was given the last seat inside the Avro Shakleton aircraft as it completed its engine runs at the end of the day. Although not taking off the ground the force of all 4 mighty engines running was enough to blow away the cobwebs for some distance around and Cpl Jenner was extremely pleased to have had this experience.
A new addition to the Vintage Milliners Display!

So, as the sun went down and the stands were packed away there were some hot but happy faces amongst the cadets and staff. Not only were there some interesting recruitment leads for both new cadets and visiting guest speakers but the treasure hunt raised an impressive £78 which will be put towards summer activities.

All in all, a historically successful day was had by all.