84 Sqn ATC Crest

Friday, 24 July 2015

Two Take to the Skies for the First Time

Despite the rain and overcast skies, on Friday 24th July two cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron took off in a Grob Tutor T1 for their first ever Air Experience Flights at RAF Cosford.

Cadet Hiran Patel, aged 17 and Cadet James Worrall, 14, have both been Air Cadets at Coventry Airport Squadron for some time but due to the allocations of places, cancellations due to weather and other conflicting conditions neither have been able to take to the skies until now. On a very grey Friday they travelled to RAF Cosford keeping everything crossed that the clouds and rain stayed away long enough for them to get their first air experience. Luckily they were both allocated slots in the first two waves of sorties and once kitted out in a flying suit, helmet, gloves and the all important parachute, they were escorted out to the aircraft to meet with their pilots.
Cadet James Worrall

Once seated comfortably in the cockpit their pilots took them up in the air where they were given control of the aircraft. With close instructions they were shown how to turn, climb, descend and then return to straight and level. Both experienced some aerobatic manoeuvres under the control of the pilot but with their hands on the controls to 'follow-through' the movements. Handing back complete control to the pilot, they landed safely on the runway and taxied back to the parking area with huge smiles on their faces.

Cadet Hiran Patel
Cadet Worrall was really happy with the whole experience saying “I flew most of the flight myself. I never thought I would have such control on my first turn but it was awesome!”. Cadet Patel, who has previously experienced glider flights said “it was so much quicker than gliding. I loved experiencing zero-G. I'm definitely going to be coming back if there is chance”.

During Air Experience Flights, cadets learn about the controls of the aircraft from highly qualified pilots who are either current and ex-service or civilian pilots. They are given rigorous safety briefs before taking to the air and then given the first levels of flying training. In subsequent flights they will progress with their training as well as move onto some more complicated aerobatics.

Written by Flying Officer Rosie Chapman RAFVR(T)