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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Festive December Dates

Here come the details of the last 2 weeks of 2015:

1. Wed 9 December - those wishing to attend the RAes lecture at Coventry University need to meet in Grove Street Carpark, CV1 5PH, just off Cox Street. Meet at 1915hrs ready for the lecture at 1930hrs. Everyone else to the Squadron for normal parade. Uniform for both = No2C (Working Blues)
2. SATURDAY 12 December - The Annual Bagpack event at Sainsbury's Kenilworth. We are 'on shift' from 0800-2100hrs. The day is split into 4 different shifts with cadets allocated to each. If you haven't been allocated or volunteered, please contact Fg Off Chapman ASAP. Uniform = No 2 (Wedgwood Blues)
3. Sunday 13 December - Normal Parade but with Enrolment for the RTF. Uniform No 2(Wedgewood blues). Times as normal.
4. Wed 16 December - Christmas Social. Time to socialise, listen to those fantastic Christmas Hits and eat a mince-pie or two! Uniform = civvies with Christmas Jumpers!
We finish for Christmas break on Wed 16 December and return in 2016 on 6 January. (Staff and NCOS will be in on 3 Jan for training / meeting).