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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Finishing the Year on a High

On Sunday 18th December, Cadets and Staff from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were on hand in Sainsbury's in Kenilworth to assist shoppers packing their bags at the end of the checkout. They worked in shifts throughout the day and managed to raise a whopping £731.44! 

The annual bag pack is the main fundraiser for the unit with the money going towards running costs of the Squadron owned minibus taking cadets to and from important events and activities as well as providing much needed resources to enhance the cadet experience. The relationship with Sainsbury's is strong and the staff look forward to having the cadets around as they keep the queues down and really assist shoppers with their goods. The number of comments on how smart and polite the cadets were was astounding and proved what a credit they are to the Squadron and the whole Corps. 

Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson, Commanding Officer was busy assisting with the count and said "I couldn't believe how generous members of the public were. We didn't expect to raise quite as much as we did with it being a whole week before Christmas and shorter Sunday trading hours. It really proves how welcomed and respected the cadets were and they have all done me proud. What a fantastic way to finish one of the best years for the Squadron!"

The Squadron is now closed for the Christmas period and will reopen for cadets on Sunday 8th January (staff meeting 4th Jan).

We wish you all a very merry festive season and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Wing's Top Shot

84 Squadron are incredibly proud of Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner for bringing home the winners trophy for the 2016 Martin Trophy Shooting Competition held at Kingsbury Long Range on a cold mid-November Sunday.

The annual competition has been devised by the Wing Shooting Officer, Squadron Leader Doug Martin RAFVR(T) to ascertain who is the best shot in the Wing on the L98A2 rifle. Cadets are put through their paces testing their marksmanship skills to the max with a shoot involving distances of 100 and 200 metres. The competition is always held at the end of the year so the most cadets can take part meaning all those with previous experience are competing against new comers who may only have learnt the weapon skills during that year. If they have had experience on a short range, they all qualify for the long range opportunity.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner is an experienced hand when it comes to shooting, having competed in the previous year's competitions. Throughout the year she has been a regular attendee at the Wing level range days both long and short distances building up her experience each time to develop her marksmanship skills. After the results were totalled the winner was announced and a presentation made in the small troop shelter which kept waiting cadets warm throughout the day. Squadron Leader Martin was very pleased to present the individual trophy and then delivered a Squadron trophy during the week which Officer Commanding Rosie Robinson presented during final parade saying “We are all incredibly proud of Flight Sergeant Jenner's achievements, especially during such cold day. Cadet Jack Johnson and Cadet Corporal Hiran Patel who also took part gained respectable scores despite the freezing temperatures at the outdoor range so we say a huge well done to them all.”

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

December Training Programme

See below link for the December Programme. 


Please note our last 'parade' will be the Christmas Social on Wed 14 December followed by the BagPack on Sun 18th Dec (Details announced separately)
We will return on Sunday 8th January.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Remembrance 2016

This year, 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron took part in two Remembrance Parades: one in the local parish of Baginton and one in Leamington Spa. Over 30 cadets took part in the ceremonies held outdoors in Leamington and in the local Parish church in Baginton. They all looked at their best in smartest uniform and represented the Squadron, Corps impeccably.

In Leamington Spa, a large parade was formed on Regent's Street containing Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets, Arm Cadets, Police Cadets, Air Cadets from 84 Squadron and, most importantly, veterans from the local Royal Air Force Association and Royal Naval Association branches. They marched down The Parade, coming to halt at the War Memorial on Euston Place where an outdoor service was held. During the service the Act of Remembrance took place and the whole town stood silent for two minutes to reflect on those who have lost their lives in Service not only during the World Wars but also throughout all conflicts across time. Following the National Anthem, the parade reformed behind the Sea Cadet band to march back past the dignitaries at the Town Hall. Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner was tasked with parading the Squadron banner with the contingent of standards and Cadet Casey Childs presented a wreath on behalf of the Squadron at the memorial.

In Baginton, a smaller but equally important and poignant service was held in the church with congregation moving outside to the War Memorial for the crucial 11 o'clock moment of silence. Junior Cadet Leila Conway who only joined the organisation in September proudly presented the wreath at the memorial and Cadet Thomas Jeffs did the reading in church. There were so many fantastic comments after the service on how smart the cadets looked and how professional they were in their roles. 

See the Facebook page for more photos.

Monday, 7 November 2016

The 2016 Poppy Appeal

This year, cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron have been actively taking part in the 2016 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in Leamington Spa.
Firstly, Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner presented the banner at the official appeal launch in Leamington Spa where she stood alongside cadets from local Army and Navy units to celebrate and kick start the poppy season. Cadets were then present to assist the running of a festival show held at the Spa Centre in Leamington which was jam packed with readings, musical excerpts and reflective moments. 
This last weekend cadets were also present again in The Royal Priors shopping centre in Leamington assisting the teams of poppy sellers. All this before we attend the Remembrance Day services next weekend.

Fantastic effort from all those who have taken part so far.
For more photos - check out the Squadron Facebook Site.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Remembrance Poppies

Unsure how to wear the poppy on your uniform? 
Check out the photo of three of our model cadets displaying their poppies with pride. Thanks to Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner, Cadet John Spelman and Cadet Casey Childs. 
On uniform, poppies should be worn on the right hand side, just above where the breast pocket would be. Poppies should be pinned on ideally (they can get stuck and pull when wearing jumpers) and should be left with the leaf intact.
Poppies are to be worn on shirts and/or jumpers according to the current state of dress for the activity. Ensure you have some spares in case yours gets lost or damaged.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Double Whammy Promotions!

84 (Coventry Airport) is celebrating two rather special promotions this week. Firstly, Officer-in-Charge, Rosie Robinson was promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt). This means she will also take up the role of Commanding Officer of the Squadron officially although she has been in post since autumn 2015. Since completing the required Seniors Officer Course in April, the promotion has been in the pipeline and finally came through with approval from Headquarters Air Cadets.

One of the first parades in her new rank, Flt Lt Robinson called Cadet Sergeant Phoebe Jenner to the front and declared she had been "incorrectly dressed all evening"! She then presented the Flight Sergeant tapes to a very surprised Cadet Jenner. This means that Cadet Jenner will take the role as senior cadet leading the cadet flights through the training programme and developing the Cadet NCO team.

Congratulations to both.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October Training Programme

See below links for the October Training Programme

Busy month cracking on with academic lessons and preparing for the Remembrance season in November.


Im An Air Cadet Get Me Out Of Here!

Cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) and 480 (Studley) Squadrons recently joined forces to attend the ultimate challenge weekend aptly entitled "Im an Air Cadet Get Me Out of Here". The weekend was packed full of activities from weapons training, survival skills lessons, gruesome challenges all rounded off with a shooting competition.

The idea for the weekend was formulated by Commanding Officers Flying Officer Rosie Robinson and Fight Lieutenant Mark Hulme from 84 and 480 squadrons. They wanted to create a survivals skills weekend where cadets could be taught basic techniques for survival followed by a series of challenges to test their new skills. This was combined with a 75th Anniversary Challenge Shoot and for 480 squadron the weekend also coincided with their Air Experience Flying allocation meaning three lucky cadets were taken to RAF Cosford to get up in the skies.

After arriving at Nesscliff Training Camp late on the Friday evening, cadets were given an initial briefing and set to pack their kit for the following day. The weather was due to be wet which was perfect for the planned activities. During the Saturday morning a mix of lessons were taught including construction of a parachute teepee and fire lighting. Four cadets from 84 Squadron were taken through initial weapons training on the No 8 rifle ready to be tested later that evening. All 21 cadets then met back up in the wooded area to cook up their issued ration pack lunches.

After a cooked lunch and hot drink cadets were then split into four groups and set off on a rotation of challenges with a total of 400 points in tact. The winners were the team with the most amount of points remaining at the end of the afternoon. So, in rotation cadets had to build a para-teepee; get through the poisonous spiders web to devour a delicious nutritious meal of bugs and worms; build a fire to cook a basic meal on; and crawl through the ultimate wet and muddy obstacle course collecting items along the route. Cadets were certainly very messy by the end after digging through bowls of cold jelly, cooked spaghetti, rice and oats as well as the mud and leaves from the wood floor.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky which was perfect for the three cadets selected to go flying. The remaining cadets took part in a shooting competition where they were paired up and given 75 rounds to get as many points as possible. The winning pair were Cadet Sergeant Phoebe Jenner from 84 Squadron and Cadet Jack Dilks from 480 Squadron.

All in all, the cadets had a fantastic weekend coming away with new skills, friends and a whole lot of wet and muddy kit.

For more photos – check out 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron's Facebook page.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Creative Camouflage

One Sunday morning in September, Cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were treated to a creative lesson in Fieldcraft skills...the art of Camouflage and concealment. They were then set the challenge of hiding themselves in the shrubs to see who could apply the techniques the best and avoid being spotted by the watchful eyes of the staff.
Basic Military Skills forms a core part of the cadet syllabus and includes lessons in equipment and clothing, building shelters, judging distances, observation, feeding in the field and much much more. Personal Camouflage and Concealment is another large part of the training and cadets are given instructions and demonstrations of why things might be seen and then taught how to avoid being seen using equipment and application methods to conceal and cover up distinguishing features. During the lesson, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson, Officer Commanding at 84 Squadron, demonstrated a variety of different clothing items that could be worn to disguise body and head shape. The cadets then learnt how to use camouflage cream to mask their skin to avoid shine and shapes being spotted. Part of the lesson also included ideas on how to be creative with camouflage using ordinary day objects to provide cover. For example, using mud or even coffee mixed with a little water to make a paste could be used to create the best cover for skin.
Cadets were given time to apply their chosen disguise before testing how robust it was by crawling under a large camo-net at speed! They were then sent into the hedgerow to blend in as best as possible and remain there until they were spotted by the beady eyes of the staff team. For some, it was an early spot and they were found quickly but others managed to escape the staff entirely until the end of the exercise. Flying Officer Rosie Robinson commented that she “was very impressed with how the cadets applied themselves within the lesson so much so that we started to get a little worried they were too good at hiding from us!”.

Feet on the Ground...Head in the Clouds!

Air Cadet Casey Childs has just taken part in two very contrasting events with 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron. Within the space of a week he paraded in Leamington Spa centre for the Battle of Britain Memorial Service and then a week later he took to the skies as part of the Air Experience Flying Programme.
The Battle of Britian Memorial Service was held on 18th September at the War Memorial in Leamington Spa. Cadets and staff from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were joined by 2028 (Southam) Squadron to stand alongside vetrans from Royal Air Force Association and the Royal Naval Association for the short but poignant service of remembrance. Part of the service included a two minute silence to reflect on the impact the efforts of the daring pilots back in 1940 have on life today. After the service the cadets were then invited back to the RAFA club for refreshments. There were many comments from passers-by on how smart the cadets were in their uniform and deportment whilst on parade.
A week later, Cadet Childs, who had taken part in the Leamington parade, took to the air himself as part of the Air Experience Flying scheme from RAF Cosford. He took up his camera and got a few snaps from
the air, including the obligatory selfie with his pilot instructor. During the flight, Cadet Childs was able to take control of the aircraft and then his instructor showed him how things look upside down with a series of basic acrobatic manouevers. Cadet Childs only joined the ATC back in Feb this year, was thrilled to be given the chance to take to the skies and was so enthusiastic when he finally landed back on the ground.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

September Training Programme

See below links for the September


Lots happening this month....keep a look out for sign-up sheets at the Squadron.

Saturday, 20 August 2016


On Wed 7th September, 84 (Coventry Airport) will open the doors for any interested new recruits to come have a look around and find out what we get up to.

If you are aged between 12yrs and in year 8 (or starting year 8 this time around) and 17yrs this is the time to join the Air Training Corps.

Our next intake will start the following week on Wed 14th September. 

Open Evening starts at 1930hrs and will finish approx 2100hrs. Check out the Contact Us page for directions. You will be directed where to park when you arrive.
Please bring with a parent / guardian with you.

If you've been before and want to start in the intake this September we should already have your details and you'll receive an email soon to confirm your place.

If you don't quite meet the age range, please do come along as we hold regular intakes throughout the year so we can keep your details on file for when you get to the right age.

84 Squadron in the Spectator Seats

On Saturday 13 August a contingent from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron travelled to Royal Air Force College Cranwell for the 75th Anniversary Flagship Celebration organised to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Air Training Corps. They were treated to an afternoon of aerial displays and picnics before an evening concert of drill displays, musical performances and fantastic fireworks.

Cadet Sergeants Lauren Coker and Phoebe Jenner, Cadet Hiran Patel and Mrs Jenner, parent and Civilian Committee member were lucky enough to get prestigious tickets and set off to represent 84 Squadron on the Warwickshire and Birmingham Coach. During the afternoon there were many photo opportunities with a range of VIPs and display teams including Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty and Honorary Group Captain Carol Vorderman, both of whom mingled with visitors and happily posed for selfies with cadets!

During the formal parade, an impressive continuity drill sequence was performed by cadets who had attended a week long ceremonial drill camp. Afterwards, a Spitfire and Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – both of which are as old as the Air Training Corps! – flew over the college, interrupting the address by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, with the roar of their engines.

Later on in the programme, the RAF Falcons dropped in with a fantastic parachute display, bringing the ATC torch with them. They stayed around for some time after they landed, and the cadets managed to take selfies with most of the Falcons, as well as a group photo with the full Falcon team. The final aerial display was by The Red Arrows who flew back and forth for several minutes demonstrating their different manoeuvres with great skill.

Throughout the afternoon and evening live music was provided by the National Marching Band, the National Corps of Pipes and Drums, the National Fanfare Team, various Cadet Ensembles, the National Concert Band and the National Choir. The standard of their playing and singing was amazing – who knew that there was so much musical talent in the ATC! One of the most memorable performances was Squadron Leader Nick Sermon belting out Robbie Williams’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’ backed by the National Choir – once seen, never forgotten!

The evening was rounded off by a fabulous fireworks finale with RAF College Cranwell as the perfect backdrop for the event. Another long and tiring adventure for 84 Squadron but many memories and a huge sense of pride to be part of the extra special celebrations.

Check out the Squadron Facebook Page for full photographs.
Written by Mrs Jessica Jenner, Civilian Committee Member.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Busy 24 Hours of Torch Relay for 84 Squadron

On Sunday 7th August, Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing hosted the Air Training Corps' 75th Anniversary Torch as part of the UK-wide relay involving every unit in the organisation. 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were involved throughout the entire 24 hour period supporting the route through the Wing on foot and even in the air!

The Torch was formally presented at midday to Warwickshire & Birmingham at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire where it was paraded with all the other Wing banners for the handover of the torch from the Wales & West Region to our Central & East Region. The torch then spent the afternoon in Birmingham City Centre where the local squadrons had organised a Climbing Tower, Music Displays and the chance to sit in a Scale Model of a Spitfire. Then it was Coventry’s turn.

Cdt Sgt Jenner and Instructor Richard Pedley
Cadet Sergeant Phoebe Jenner from 84 Squadron had the privilege of flying the torch into Coventry Airport from Birmingham International Airport as part of her Private Pilots Licence. She set off from Coventry in the 2 seater Cessna late afternoon and amazingly managed to negotiate the much bigger aircraft at Birmingham even sharing the runway with a RAF Airbus A330 Voyager which was still taking off as she landed! Sgt Jenner flew a miniature version of the torch back to Coventry with ease alongside her instructor Richard Pedley from Almat Aviation and landed perfectly to greet a crowd of cadets from local squadrons and the Lord Mayor. Sgt Jenner remarked that “it was quite daunting flying into Birmingham but I am so proud to have been allowed to do this and contribute such an important aviation element to the torch relay”.
84 Squadron with Coventry Lord Mayor Lindsley Harvard

Safely landed, the torch spent time at 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron in the sunshine where cadets had the opportunity to take photos with the torch and with Lord Mayor Lindsley Harvard who chatted with cadets and staff before heading off into the city centre for the next leg of the journey.
Cadet Corporal Jake Garrett had the privilege of traveling with the torch accompanied by the Lord Mayor in COV 1, the official chauffeur driven car for the Lord Mayor.

At Coventry Cathedral, Cadet Corporal Dylan Chauhan met the torch with the 84 Squadron banner to witness the handover to 8F (Wyken), 163 (Coventry Phoenix) and 2286 (Arden) Squadrons. Further along the route at the War Memorial Park it was back to Sergeant Jenner to take up the banner and parade along with the four Coventry Squadrons as the torch made its way through the park whilst Corporals Garrett and Chauhan did a quick change into walking gear so they could join a small group of cadets walking the torch from Coventry to Kenilworth, to portray the Air Training Corps' involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Finally, at 2200 hours, the torch was handed to the Kenilworth squadron in the eerie darkness of Kenilworth Castle.
Squadron Banners at Kenilworth

The torch was up early on the Monday morning and visited Warwick Castle, Shakespeare’s birthplace and Stratford city centre before making its way to Wellesbourne airfield where the remaining county squadrons paraded with it and the historic Vulcan bomber. 84 Squadron’s involvement finished when Sergeant Jenner joined the other Wing banners at Bruntingthorpe airfield where the torch was handed over to the next Wing. A truly busy 24 hours!

For full photographs, check out the Squadron Facebook Page.

Written by: Flying Officer Rosie Robinson RAFVR(T) and Mrs Jessica Jenner, Civilian Committee Secretary and Parent.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Crossing the Finish Line

On Wednesday 27th July, cadets from 84 Squadron completed their cycle challenge crossing the finish line in style and arriving at RAF High Wycombe...well in theory anyway!
The cadets have been working together throughout July to clock up a whopping 75miles (120Km) on the exercise bike. The challenge was set by Officer-in-Charge Rosie Robinson as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations throughout 2016. To create the finish line, cadets created and decorated paper shirts which were strung across the main hall.
The route has taken them from Coventry Airport down past Silverstone (taking in a lap of the race course!), up Stokenchurch hill and down the other side into High Wycombe to the headquarters of the Royal Air Force. The 75 mile route was worked out methodically and plotted on maps in the unit to mark where they'd been.

Well Done everyone who pedalled and took part! 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer Training Programme

Its that time of year again, when school has finished and everyone can relax in the sunshine! Many of you will be off on your holidays or enjoying time with family etc but don't forget the Squadron will still be open for some sessions.

This year, staff are taking a bit of a break too so we'll only be open for normal parade on Wednesdays during August. We will be closed on Sundays except for the Torch Relay on Sunday 7th - see separate details for this.

Please note there is now a parade on Sun 31st July - cadets will be doing some vehicle maintenance sessions plus a rotation of other activities.

See links for the July and August Training Programmes below.

[July HTML] [July PDF]

[August HTML] [August PDF]

At the end of August there is a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition planned so those in that particular group need to ensure they attend the Wednesday parades to do the planning and kit checks etc.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

More Cadets from 84 get Range Ready

Last weekend 4 Cadets qualified on the No 8 rifle by completing the initial weapons training day held at the Squadron Headquarters. They were joined by a fellow cadet who came along to refresh and re-qualify before they head to the range for live marksmanship training later in the month.

The day is pretty intense as cadets are trained to the highest standard so that they can operate safely with the weapons both in dry training and when shooting on a live range. They are shown how to clean the weapon as well as the firing drills and skills required to become a marksman.

The cadets will have the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills on the live range in mid-July. Here they will be given different rates of fire to practice which include deliberate, rapid and snap shooting. Cadets will fire on an outdoor 25 metre range from the prone position and under the close supervision and coaching of the safety staff they will perfect their techniques to become the best shot of the day.

12 More Get HeartStart Qualified

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the twelve cadets who have achieved their British Heart Foundation HeartStart Awards. The 2 hour course teaches the cadets basic life saving skills and to have the confidence in dealing with casualty in the first few moments. From here, cadets will progress on to further their skills with the Youth First Aid award. 

On Wednesday 01 July, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson presented the cadets with their new qualifications. They group had been taught in two groups during the previous month's training programme. They were assessed demonstrating key skills such as the Recovery Position and CPR using the resuscitation equipment stored at the Squadron. Afterwards the presentation she commented "I am proud to be presenting these awards today as all the cadets have clearly shown their strong knowledge and ability to deal with casualties. Teaching this subject to the cadets is always exciting as I get to see them develop new skills which will be valuable for the rest of their lives. Well done to them all".

Monday, 4 July 2016

And They're Off!

Throughout the month of July, the cadets from 84 Squadron will be cycling a whopping 75 miles from their unit at Coventry Airport to the Headquarters of the Royal Air Force at High Wycombe. 
As part of the 75th Anniversary year celebrations, Officer-in-Charge, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson has challenged the cadets to the cycle challenge without leaving the squadron building. With the kind loan of a exercise bike from Civilian Instructor Sarah Kelly, cadets have planned their route and divided up the miles between the available times to ensure that a steady pace is set across the month. The route will take them south from Coventry towards Southam, past Silverstone, Buckingham and Thame before arriving at High Wycombe.
Seem too easy? This has to be completed without any further disruption to the normal parade activities so whilst they rotate turns on the bike, they will carry on with normal duties and activities. Some cadets are away at different off-site activities so even less time available!
To help them along the way, the cadets made some bunting by folding paper in origami fashion to make mini-shirts which will be strung up and hung around the bike to create a fitting atmosphere.
Good luck and Get Pedalling! 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Grand 84 Squadron Reunion

On the 12th June 2016, 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron flung open its doors and welcomed in both current and ex-members of the Squadron to celebrate the 70th Anniversary since its formation combined with the 75th year of the Air Training Corps. Despite the persistent rain, over 120 people attended the event from the newest enrolled cadet right through to the longest surviving member who joined the organisation back in 1944!

The History Book on Display
84 Squadron has a long and diverse history which dates back to its formation in 1946 following a re-shuffle of the Coventry Squadrons. Initially called the 2nd City of Coventry Squadron, 84 were based at Cows Lane in the city centre and thrived throughout the years making its mark as one of the strongest sporting squadrons in the Wing. After a move and subsequent rename, to Coventry Airport the squadron continued to thrive with additional classrooms added to the building to accommodate the strength and range of activities on offer. Many of the cadets ended up giving time back to the unit as either staff members or on the Civilian Committee.

Over the last nine months two such ex-cadets, Dan Saxton and Andy Greenway have worked hard on a project which entailed scanning and compiling all the photographs from the archive and gathering information for each year of the Squadro
Presentation to Denis Smith
n’s history. This culminated in the production of “Looking Back with 84 Squadron”, a professionally bound book detailing the Squadron's history filled with full colour photographs and documents found in the archive. During the event on Sunday the book was formally launched and went on sale for the very reasonable price of £10 each.

Guest of Honour for the event was Denis Smith who joined the ATC back in 1944 and followed 84 Squadron when it formed staying for many years as a cadet. He was extremely pleased when contact was made and the initial invitation sent for the event. He was the longest surviving member of the Squadron to attend the party and to mark the occasion he was presented with a Squadron plaque. Afterwards he sent his congratulations and praise in an email saying “it was clear that the attributes displayed show that discipline, respect, determination, ability, comradeship and the sheer desire to be in an organisation that is dedicated to aircraft, flying and all that is associated with that sphere of life, are very much alive and well in 84 Squadron”.

Gingerbread Cadets!
Flying Officer Rosie Robinson, Officer-in-Charge was extremely proud to show off the current cadets on parade and made a short speech between rain deluges! Along side the main reunion event there was a cake and plant sale to raise funds for two very lucky cadets who have been selected to take part in a community project in South Africa during Summer 2017. The total raised from these elements was a whopping £290 proving that baking all those gingerbread cadets really was worth it! Afterwards Rosie Robinson said “Today was the culmination of a lot of hard work and it certainly paid off. To see so many ex-members back in the unit was just fabulous and it makes me very proud to be part of the next generation”.

Check out the Squadron Facebook page for all the photos.

Training Programme: June & July

See below links for the next two month's programmes. Keep checking as things might change but we'll aim to give as much notice as possible.

[June HTML] [June PDF]

[July HTML] [July PDF]

Thursday, 9 June 2016

84 Girls on Tour!

Corporal Roddis & Sergeant Jenner start their route planning!
Two cadets from 84 Squadron have won places on a chance of a lifetime trip to South Africa taking place in 2017 joining fellow cadets from the Wing to complete an intensive community project and to explore some of the dramatic landscape in the region.

The 20 day trip entitled “Operation Drakensberg Elephant” is being organised by Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, and will take place in August next year. The 30 lucky cadets taking part will volunteering to refurbish one of the classrooms at a primary school, trekking through the Drakensberg mountains and climbing Giants Castle which stands at 3,315m as well as learning about South African environmental issues, culture and heritage.

Cadet Sergeant Phoebe Jenner and Cadet Corporal Georgia Roddis were both over the moon when the news was broken to them and even more excited to learn that they were going together. "It will be so different from anything I've done before, I just can't wait" said Sgt Jenner. Cpl Roddis added "I'm really looking forward to learning about the environment there and seeing the animals on safari".

Both cadets have got a challenging fund-raising task ahead of them. As well as raising an individual target of £750 each, they will be aiming to raise more money to pay for new equipment for the volunteering work. They are hoping to get their first funds at this Sunday's reunion, as Cpl Roddis will be selling cakes and crafts, and Sgt Jenner will be selling plants, and would welcome any support you can give!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

84 get Adopted!

On Wednesday 1st June, 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron, Air Cadets were officially adopted by the local Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) branch in a ceremony held at the Royal Naval Association Club in Leamington Spa. The event was attended by both current cadets from the squadron alongside RAFA branch members who meet once a month and had invited the cadets to join the extra special June meeting.

The Leamington Spa branch of RAFA have been in contact with 84 Squadron for some time: partnering to provide a fantastic display of cadets and service personnel for the Battle of Britain and Remembrance parades which take place annually in Leamington Spa town centre. They also have worked together raising money and selling poppies during the Poppy Appeal weeks in October and November and some of the members have visited the Squadron to give talks about their involvement with the Royal Air Force and aviation over their wide and varied careers. When approached by Branch President Group Captain Raymond MacDonald MBE (RAF Retired) regarding an official adoption, Officer-in-Charge, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson was quick to accept the wonderful offer and so the process was started.

Unfortunately Raymond MacDonald was unable to attend the ceremony due to ill health but the Branch Chairman, Stuart Powney made the official presentation of the adoption certificate. The cadets were given a short introduction to the RAFA and their role alongside the regular service and then the buffet was declared open. The members and cadets were encouraged to mingle and share stories.

Flying Officer Rosie Robinson made a short acceptance speech thanking the branch for their warm hospitality and the fantastic refreshments provided adding: “this is not just something to hang on our wall, this is the start of a strong relationship between our two organisations. I've been approached by so many members who would like to come and share their stories with the cadets and we really look forward to taking up these offers as part of our training programme in the next few months”.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hot Off the Press!

ON SALE at The Reunion on 12th June! 

If you are unable to attend the event next weekend but would like to purchase a copy, please email reunion@84sqnatc.co.uk so we can send details of payment methods and delivery.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Another Sunday, Another Enrolment

Making the Cadet Promise
On Sunday 8th May 2016, the latest group of new recruits to 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were enrolled formally into the Corps by Officer-in-Charge Flying Officer Rosie Robinson and Squadron Padre, Reverend David Wintle.

The group of seven new recruits started at 84 Squadron in early February and have been working towards this event for several weeks. New cadets are given a staggered programme into the squadron which includes lessons in the history and structure of the organisation, introduction to the ranks and badges as well as demonstrations of how to polish and iron the uniform. They were initially kitted with coveralls and their blue uniform was ordered according to their measurements. As well as classroom activities the recruits were given extensive practical and theory lessons in drill to enable them to take part in a basic parade.

The short enrolment ceremony took place in the Squadron compound in front of parents, fellow cadets and staff from the unit. The Squadron Padre was invited to lead the ceremonial duties which included making the cadet promise and the presentation of their record of service books. Officer-in-Charge, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson welcomed them all individually and handed out their berets. Once their headdress was in place the group took their first salute before returning back to their place in the main squad.
First Salute
Afterwards, one of the parents commented that “it was so nice to see them all looking smart in their blue uniform. We are really proud of how much our son has learnt in the short time already and we know he can't wait to get stuck into more”. Welcome to the Air Training Corps!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Half-Term parade Plans

Plan for the next few parades / activities! Please read carefully so you are fully aware of where you need to be and when!
Sunday 29 May - Maintenance Parade. Normal times (0930-1230) for any cadets available to come make the squadron look at its very best. Uniform: No 3 (DPM/PCS/Coveralls). If you want to stay until mid afternoon (the Squadron will be open until 1500hrs) to carry on helping - bring lunch.
Wed 1 Jun - Air Experience Flying: There are 6 cadets nominated to attend. You will depart from the Sqn at 0730hrs. Uniform: No 2C (Working blue). Take with you: Trainers, 3822, MEDICAL FORM, lunch and drinks. Depending on the weather as to when you return. Latest is approx 1700hrs. If you wish to go home and then return for the evening parade this is fine. Alternatively the Squadron will be open and you can stay until 2130.
Wed 1 Jun - NORMAL PARADE arrangements: We are visiting the RAFA meeting in Leamington to be held at the Navy Association. Those who live in Leamington may wish to go directly there (please email to confirm you are doing this). Otherwise everyone needs to meet at the Squadron ready to leave at 1900hrs prompt. Uniform: No 2C (Working blues). A light buffet and drinks will be provided. Return to the Sqn for 2130hrs.
Sunday 5 June - Squadron will be closed so no parade on. Enjoy the end of the Half term break! 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Cadet Competition Time

Cadets .... the challenge has been set ... to name our latest recruit!

We have finally put the finishing touches to our latest training aid - a full size mannequin displaying both Wedgwood and Working blue uniforms. 

Please send any clean, appropriate and sensible suggestions via email to the OC. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

84 Squadron Reunion

On Sunday 12th June, 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron are hosting a Reunion event to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Corps as well as the 70th year of the Squadron in its present format.

84 Squadron was formed following an amalgamation and reformation of the Coventry Squadrons back in 1946. Since then its survived the test of time including a move fro Cows Lane in Coventry to its present location at the Airport. Many faces have come and gone both as staff and cadets, some have even come back as Civilian Committee and are still in contact today. 

The Reunion event is an open invitation to any past and present Squadron members to to celebrate and reunite together. The history of the unit has been put together into a book detailing year-by-year the progression of the cadets, the staff teams and includes those all important camp photographs!

See details on the flyer below for times.

If you are intending to attend, please RSVP by emailing reunion@84sqnatc.co.uk with numbers and any special dietary requirements.

See you there!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Sewing Skills Stand Out Supreme!

During February and March Cadets at 84 Squadron focussed on their uniforms and learnt skills associated with keeping them highly polished, ironed smartly with all buttons and badges sewn on correctly. One Sunday morning the cadets were split into groups where they were taught how to thread a needle and sew on buttons using old shirts and uniform to practice on.
Flying Officer Rosie Chapman then produced a plain cream canvas bag for each group and set the task for them to decorate with badges, buttons and motifs to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Air Training Corps in 2016. The only stipulation was that they had to sew on military buttons in the shape of a 7 and a 5 using exactly 75 buttons!
They set about designing their bags raiding the stores for old badges and lanyards, ties and shirts to decorate and adorn the final items.

With some help using the sewing machine and a little extra work at home, the finished bags look fantastic and will be on display in the unit for any visitors to see. We may even take them with us for the annual Bagpack later in the year!

See the Squadron Facebook for all the photos.

May Training Programme

See links below for the May Training Programme:


Following a successful weekend at the Wing Training Day (results pending) the Squadron is getting back on track with some 'normal' and 'not-so-normal' activities! We started by running some short leadership exercises outside and indoors which got the cadets thinking about communication, leadership, teamwork and also enjoying a bit fun and having a giggle!

Coming up this month:

  • Live Fire Marksmanship Training - On Sat 7 May a selected group of qualified cadets will get to practice their marksmanship skills on both the indoor and outdoor ranges. Let's hope we come back with a few badges to show off their accuracy!

  • Enrollment - Sunday 8th May will see the latest bunch of new recruits fully enrolled into the Squadron. They will make their promise to the Corps and be awarded their berets in a short, formal ceremony on final parade.
  • Squadron Photo - Whilst we have all the cadets in their No 2 (Wedgwood Blues) for Inspection and Enrolment, we would like to take the opportunity to get a full Squadron photo. Please try to make this parade as we would like as many cadets to be in the photo for 2016 as possible. This will be going into the History book to be launched at our Reunion on 12th June. 

  • 75th Sports Challenge - Headquarters Air Cadets has challenged every cadet in the Corps to take part in a sports challenge during June. The pack of set activities has arrived which includes skipping, keep ups, planking, shuttle runs and target practice. We're getting in a few extra practices before the competition begins in June!

  • "Where's Wally Wandering?" - an alternative to the famous find Wally game, this time cadets have to find out where Wally is going on travels using their map reading skills and team work to plan and follow his route.
  • Civilian Committee Annual General Meeting - Wed 25th May, 1930-2030hrs. This is our annual meeting to re-elect members of the committee, share with parents the work of the civilian committee and recruit any new members. Letters have been sent home so please send back the return slip if you wish to come along.
  • Squadron Maintenance - as we (finally) come out of the winter months and head towards summer its about time we had a good check around the Squadron to make sure everything is looking tip top especially as we have the Summer BBQ/Reunion happening in mid June where we want the unit to look at its best.

Looking ahead - Don't forget to save the 12th June in your diaries as we are hosting a BBQ/Garden Party for the 75th Reunion which will also be the launch of the 84 archive book detailing the history of the Squadron throughout the years.