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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Coventry Bag Marathon!

On Sunday 28th February, Cadets and staff from 84 (Coventry Airport) and 2286 (Arden) Squadrons helped out at Decathlon's Half Marathon event in Coventry city centre. Working through the chilly morning to assist the race organisers to host one of the earliest half-marathon events of the season.
They were solely responsible for managing and organising the baggage area where runners could deposit their bags for the duration of the race. This meant each bag was tagged wit the runner's own ID before being stacked in one of 4 large open-sided lorry trailers. After the main rush to deposit their belongings, the runners drifted off to the start line and cadets were able to reorganise and prepare for the returning owners. 
Keeping warm in the bitter wind was the biggest challenge but the cadets managed to work through the cold and successfully ran the operation like true professionals. Dealing with the public can often be unpredictable and with many runners getting 'in-the-zone' pre race or feeling the adrenalin rush afterwards, they managed to keep a professional approach to their task. 
Well done and thank you to all those who came to help out today it certainly felt like we moved a marathon of bags!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Flying High on a Solo Sortie

Cadet Sergeant Phoebe Jenner
Air Cadet Phoebe Jenner has completed her first solo flight in a powered aircraft taking off and landing back at Coventry Airport. Whilst this has been a private endeavour, 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron are incredibly proud of her achievements and decided to find out exactly what the incredible accomplishment entailed so asked her to tell us in her own words:

I have been taking flying lessons for just over a year and have logged nearly 39 hours. Before flying solo, I had to be 16 years of age, have passed a medical exam and the required eye test. I also had lots of studying to do for the Air Law exam and then practice flying to Wellesbourne in case I had to do an emergency landing there! Then it was just a matter of waiting for a break in the weather with good visibility, low winds and no rain....which seemed to take forever in this wonderful British Winter!
Post-Flight Smiles

In lessons, I have learnt loads of practical flying skills such as basic and advanced handling, stall recovery, spin recovery, different types of engine failures, forced landings, and different types of landings. I also had to learn to recognise local landmarks from the air, and all the radio protocols for taking off and landing and listening for air traffic control instructions while in the air.

Just before my first solo flight I flew a few circuits of the airport with my instructor touching down briefly on the runway between each one. I taxied back to the flying school and my instructor got out. I contacted the tower to request permission to taxi and they told me which holding point to wait at while I did the final pre-flight checks. I was given permission to taxi onto the runway and then to take off. I accelerated up the runway and did a good take off, which is the easiest bit. I then turned into the normal left hand circuit of the airport, which takes about 8 minutes.

On the final leg I contact the tower and got cleared to land. I was being blown about a bit by the cross-wind and found the landing harder than usual because I didn’t have the extra weight of my instructor to help get the plane on the ground! But finally I was down without bouncing too much. I taxied back to the apron in front of the flying school to do my after-landing checks, and then taxied to the parking bays where I shut the engine down. My instructor Richard came out to congratulate me, and then we had a debrief.

He seemed really pleased, and I felt that it had gone well. I had been a bit nervous but excited beforehand, confident and relaxed during the flight, and a bit nervous but concentrated during the landing. I feel really proud that I’ve done this and just look forward to doing it again!”

All her family, friends and fellow cadets are incredibly amazed that, at just aged 16, Cadet Sergeant has taken off in a powered aircraft and safely landed back. We look forward to hearing about her next flights as she continues to progress through her flying training.

Co-written by: Flying Officer Rosie Chapman & Cadet Sergeant Phoebe Jenner

Monday, 22 February 2016

Bonkers about Banners!

Have you spotted one of our new banners yet?!!  
Sir Peter Rigby, owner of Coventry Airport, has kindly donated funds to produce not just one but TWO stunning recruitment banners which have been installed at the Airport's West entrance and approximately half-way along Rowley Road. Not only have the banners been funded by Rigby Group PLC but the printing company, A R Signs also reduced the total cost as a gesture of good will. Their managing director is an ex-Air Cadet who wanted to contribute something back to help with the recruitment of the next generation.

A Huge THANK YOU to both companies for their generosity.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Selfie Shows off New Promotion Success

On Sunday 14 February, 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron celebrated the promotion of Cadet Jake Garrett to rank of Cadet Corporal. He will now take up place on the cadet leadership team at the squadron leading sessions and training younger members of the unit.

During final parade, Officer-in-Charge Flying Officer Rosie Chapman requested Cadet Jake Garrett to fall out from the ranks and take up a position at the front. Garrett was then informed that he had been incorrectly dressed all morning and was promptly presented with a set of Corporal rank slides to add to his uniform! It is safe to say that he certainly was very surprised but it has been very well deserved. Garrett started with the Air Cadets back in 2013 and over his time at 84 Squadron has demonstrated a mature attitude to every activity and event he has taken part in, of which there have certainly been quite a few! From a fantastic high attendance record to assisting with community events, taking part in Live Firing shooting days, fieldcraft training andDuke of Edinburgh's award scheme through to representing the Squadron and the Wing at an oversees camp in Cyprus last year.

After the parade was dismissed, Corporal Garrett was called for a quick photoshoot and what better way to show off his new rank slides than by taking a selfie with Flying Officer Chapman who was full of praise saying “it is always nice to reward strong and stand-out cadets with the recognition they deserve. I am sure that Corporal Garrett will continue to develop his own skills and experiences as well as be an excellent role-model for newer cadets”. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Initial Weapons Training

On Saturday 6th February, 10 cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) and 198 (Hinckley) Squadron came together to undertake their first ever weapons training by completing the No 8 rifle syllabus. After practicing the required safety and firing drills they all took a rigorous weapons handling test to test their skills.

Initial Weapons Training is certainly not an easy task to undertake and requires a mature and physically strong cadet to not only understand the safety precautions, the technical details but also maintain a strong and stable position in which hold and carry the weapon. Cadets are taught the workings of the weapon system including how to strip and reassemble component parts as well as the required cleaning protocols for each part. This comes together once the different rates of fire are put into practice, using 'dummy' rounds in the classroom environment to give a sense of realism whilst keeping the training safe and under control. The test consists of safety elements, questions on cleaning and practical skills to demonstrate their understanding of routine and the unexpected situations which could occur when live firing.

The Skill-At-Arms trainers Flight Sergeant Nick Raske from 198 Squadron and Flying Officer Rosie Chapman of 84 Squadron were both suitably impressed with the group who took the training in their stride and seemed to pick up the required information quickly. The proof was in the pudding when all bar one passed their tests later in the afternoon and with a little extra coaching and upper arm-strength to hold the weapon the final candidate will also pass in the near future.
No 8 Initial Weapons Training Course 2/16

Now the cadets can look forward to putting their new skills into action by taking part in a Live Fire Marksmanship training session at a local indoor range. Here they will learn how to put the marksmanship principles into practice and fire for the first time at a range of different targets. 

February Training Programme

 See links below for the February Training Programme:


Coming up this month.....

  • Details for Sunday 7 February - Cadets to meet at 1500hrs latest at Lady Godiva in Coventry centre. We will be taken to seats in the cathedral before the service starts at 1600hrs. Uniform: No 2 (Wedgwood Blues) including jumper, tie, beret and really shiny shoes (no coloured flight tapes). Cadets will be finished by 1730 latest and should be collected / arrange to meet parents accordingly.***This replaces the normal morning parade***

  • Wed 10 February - PCSO Ed King is visiting the unit to give a talk to the cadets as well as offering a Q&A session on joining the police and supporting the local community.
  • NEW INTAKE START DATE: Wed 10 Feb - anyone who is aged between 12 (& in year 8 at school) and 17yrs with an interest in aviation, military organisation or who simply wants to join a fun, exhilarating and dynamic youth organisation where you can gain a range of qualifications and try out new things - come along to find out more! (1900-2130hrs)

  • Sun 28 February - the squadron is helping out with the Coventry Half Marathon event by assisting organisers with a range of jobs in the athletes village. Times etc TBC but free T-shirt and breakfast for all those taking part!

Yet again, a busy month!