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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Crossing the Finish Line

On Wednesday 27th July, cadets from 84 Squadron completed their cycle challenge crossing the finish line in style and arriving at RAF High Wycombe...well in theory anyway!
The cadets have been working together throughout July to clock up a whopping 75miles (120Km) on the exercise bike. The challenge was set by Officer-in-Charge Rosie Robinson as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations throughout 2016. To create the finish line, cadets created and decorated paper shirts which were strung across the main hall.
The route has taken them from Coventry Airport down past Silverstone (taking in a lap of the race course!), up Stokenchurch hill and down the other side into High Wycombe to the headquarters of the Royal Air Force. The 75 mile route was worked out methodically and plotted on maps in the unit to mark where they'd been.

Well Done everyone who pedalled and took part! 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer Training Programme

Its that time of year again, when school has finished and everyone can relax in the sunshine! Many of you will be off on your holidays or enjoying time with family etc but don't forget the Squadron will still be open for some sessions.

This year, staff are taking a bit of a break too so we'll only be open for normal parade on Wednesdays during August. We will be closed on Sundays except for the Torch Relay on Sunday 7th - see separate details for this.

Please note there is now a parade on Sun 31st July - cadets will be doing some vehicle maintenance sessions plus a rotation of other activities.

See links for the July and August Training Programmes below.

[July HTML] [July PDF]

[August HTML] [August PDF]

At the end of August there is a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition planned so those in that particular group need to ensure they attend the Wednesday parades to do the planning and kit checks etc.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

More Cadets from 84 get Range Ready

Last weekend 4 Cadets qualified on the No 8 rifle by completing the initial weapons training day held at the Squadron Headquarters. They were joined by a fellow cadet who came along to refresh and re-qualify before they head to the range for live marksmanship training later in the month.

The day is pretty intense as cadets are trained to the highest standard so that they can operate safely with the weapons both in dry training and when shooting on a live range. They are shown how to clean the weapon as well as the firing drills and skills required to become a marksman.

The cadets will have the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills on the live range in mid-July. Here they will be given different rates of fire to practice which include deliberate, rapid and snap shooting. Cadets will fire on an outdoor 25 metre range from the prone position and under the close supervision and coaching of the safety staff they will perfect their techniques to become the best shot of the day.

12 More Get HeartStart Qualified

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the twelve cadets who have achieved their British Heart Foundation HeartStart Awards. The 2 hour course teaches the cadets basic life saving skills and to have the confidence in dealing with casualty in the first few moments. From here, cadets will progress on to further their skills with the Youth First Aid award. 

On Wednesday 01 July, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson presented the cadets with their new qualifications. They group had been taught in two groups during the previous month's training programme. They were assessed demonstrating key skills such as the Recovery Position and CPR using the resuscitation equipment stored at the Squadron. Afterwards the presentation she commented "I am proud to be presenting these awards today as all the cadets have clearly shown their strong knowledge and ability to deal with casualties. Teaching this subject to the cadets is always exciting as I get to see them develop new skills which will be valuable for the rest of their lives. Well done to them all".

Monday, 4 July 2016

And They're Off!

Throughout the month of July, the cadets from 84 Squadron will be cycling a whopping 75 miles from their unit at Coventry Airport to the Headquarters of the Royal Air Force at High Wycombe. 
As part of the 75th Anniversary year celebrations, Officer-in-Charge, Flying Officer Rosie Robinson has challenged the cadets to the cycle challenge without leaving the squadron building. With the kind loan of a exercise bike from Civilian Instructor Sarah Kelly, cadets have planned their route and divided up the miles between the available times to ensure that a steady pace is set across the month. The route will take them south from Coventry towards Southam, past Silverstone, Buckingham and Thame before arriving at High Wycombe.
Seem too easy? This has to be completed without any further disruption to the normal parade activities so whilst they rotate turns on the bike, they will carry on with normal duties and activities. Some cadets are away at different off-site activities so even less time available!
To help them along the way, the cadets made some bunting by folding paper in origami fashion to make mini-shirts which will be strung up and hung around the bike to create a fitting atmosphere.
Good luck and Get Pedalling!