84 Sqn ATC Crest

Sunday, 10 July 2016

More Cadets from 84 get Range Ready

Last weekend 4 Cadets qualified on the No 8 rifle by completing the initial weapons training day held at the Squadron Headquarters. They were joined by a fellow cadet who came along to refresh and re-qualify before they head to the range for live marksmanship training later in the month.

The day is pretty intense as cadets are trained to the highest standard so that they can operate safely with the weapons both in dry training and when shooting on a live range. They are shown how to clean the weapon as well as the firing drills and skills required to become a marksman.

The cadets will have the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills on the live range in mid-July. Here they will be given different rates of fire to practice which include deliberate, rapid and snap shooting. Cadets will fire on an outdoor 25 metre range from the prone position and under the close supervision and coaching of the safety staff they will perfect their techniques to become the best shot of the day.