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Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer Training Programme

Its that time of year again, when school has finished and everyone can relax in the sunshine! Many of you will be off on your holidays or enjoying time with family etc but don't forget the Squadron will still be open for some sessions.

This year, staff are taking a bit of a break too so we'll only be open for normal parade on Wednesdays during August. We will be closed on Sundays except for the Torch Relay on Sunday 7th - see separate details for this.

Please note there is now a parade on Sun 31st July - cadets will be doing some vehicle maintenance sessions plus a rotation of other activities.

See links for the July and August Training Programmes below.

[July HTML] [July PDF]

[August HTML] [August PDF]

At the end of August there is a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition planned so those in that particular group need to ensure they attend the Wednesday parades to do the planning and kit checks etc.