84 Sqn ATC Crest

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Finishing the Year on a High

On Sunday 18th December, Cadets and Staff from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were on hand in Sainsbury's in Kenilworth to assist shoppers packing their bags at the end of the checkout. They worked in shifts throughout the day and managed to raise a whopping £731.44! 

The annual bag pack is the main fundraiser for the unit with the money going towards running costs of the Squadron owned minibus taking cadets to and from important events and activities as well as providing much needed resources to enhance the cadet experience. The relationship with Sainsbury's is strong and the staff look forward to having the cadets around as they keep the queues down and really assist shoppers with their goods. The number of comments on how smart and polite the cadets were was astounding and proved what a credit they are to the Squadron and the whole Corps. 

Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson, Commanding Officer was busy assisting with the count and said "I couldn't believe how generous members of the public were. We didn't expect to raise quite as much as we did with it being a whole week before Christmas and shorter Sunday trading hours. It really proves how welcomed and respected the cadets were and they have all done me proud. What a fantastic way to finish one of the best years for the Squadron!"

The Squadron is now closed for the Christmas period and will reopen for cadets on Sunday 8th January (staff meeting 4th Jan).

We wish you all a very merry festive season and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Wing's Top Shot

84 Squadron are incredibly proud of Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner for bringing home the winners trophy for the 2016 Martin Trophy Shooting Competition held at Kingsbury Long Range on a cold mid-November Sunday.

The annual competition has been devised by the Wing Shooting Officer, Squadron Leader Doug Martin RAFVR(T) to ascertain who is the best shot in the Wing on the L98A2 rifle. Cadets are put through their paces testing their marksmanship skills to the max with a shoot involving distances of 100 and 200 metres. The competition is always held at the end of the year so the most cadets can take part meaning all those with previous experience are competing against new comers who may only have learnt the weapon skills during that year. If they have had experience on a short range, they all qualify for the long range opportunity.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner is an experienced hand when it comes to shooting, having competed in the previous year's competitions. Throughout the year she has been a regular attendee at the Wing level range days both long and short distances building up her experience each time to develop her marksmanship skills. After the results were totalled the winner was announced and a presentation made in the small troop shelter which kept waiting cadets warm throughout the day. Squadron Leader Martin was very pleased to present the individual trophy and then delivered a Squadron trophy during the week which Officer Commanding Rosie Robinson presented during final parade saying “We are all incredibly proud of Flight Sergeant Jenner's achievements, especially during such cold day. Cadet Jack Johnson and Cadet Corporal Hiran Patel who also took part gained respectable scores despite the freezing temperatures at the outdoor range so we say a huge well done to them all.”