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Friday, 31 March 2017

April Training Programme

See below links for the April Programme.


This month we are working towards the Wing Training Day (WTD) at the end of the month so lots of focus on these areas. There will be other activities for those cadets not in any of the teams selected.

We also have a small fundraiser at the start of the month - bring in your ironing to get pressed by the cadets for a small fee! We've split the cadets so they have been allocated one Sunday for each flight. Remember to bring in hangers if you want items to be hung and don't forget the money! 
50p for normal clothing items
£1 per larger item such as sheets, duvet covers etc.

This not only raises a little money for activities such as the very successful Space Centre Visit last week but also gives the cadets opportunity to practice their ironing techniques which forms part of our Life Skills lessons.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Coming up in May:
Wing Athletics - Sunday 7th May
Proposed visit to Bletchley Park - watch this space!