84 Sqn ATC Crest

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Introducing The Most Improved PR Squadron of 2017

On Sunday 30th April a select team of cadets from 84 Squadron travelled to Nesscliff Training Camp for the 2017 Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Training Day.

The annual event sees cadets competing in a range of core activities such as drill, banner drill, first aid, aircraft recognition and modelling. As well as competitions on the day there is a category for media articles from the previous 12 months. 84 Squadron have worked especially hard to make sure everyone single activity and event they took part in was swiftly followed up by a press release story on the website and Facebook page as well as being submitted for the Wing sites. Points are awarded for media articles on social media and in the local or national press as well as radio and TV interviews. Cadet Sergeant Georgia contributed to the Squadron total when she was recently interviewed for BBC Coventry at the Half Marathon event.

Scores for the other end competition elements will be released in due course but the team certainly looked very smart for final parade where the Commandant of the Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty presented the prize winners with their trophies. 

Another event and another story to go towards next year's competition. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Two Weekends....Two Different Adventures

Over the Easter weekend and during the following weekend, two groups of cadets from 84 Squadron took part in Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions as part of their bronze and silver awards. 
Silver Group in the Peak District

The first group setting off were the Silver Qualifiers who completed three gruelling days of walking through the Peak District. The group have been plotting their route during regular parades and sorted all their equipment so that they were self sufficient for the entire weekend. Setting off with a skip in their step, the group worked together to make sure everyone in the team made it through each day's route and arrived safely at the campsite each evening. They were remotely supervised and assessed by Civilian Instructors Steve Giles and Sarah Kelly who met with them each evening at the campsite for debrief. Unfortunately Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner had to withdraw at the end of the first day due to illness. She was gutted to not be part of the remaining activity but made the right decision and she will be able to complete her qualifying expedition later in the season. 
Bronze Day Walk Group

Just one week later a different group of cadets set off across the Warwickshire countryside as part of the Bronze level training. This one-day walk was the perfect training exercise to get the team working together, identifying features from their map reading lessons and building up stamina ready to complete their practice expedition planned for the start of May. The weather was extremely kind and they completed the required training elements under blue skies and sunshine. Cadet John Spelman joined the group to support and help his peers throughout their activity. Watch this space for more expeditions and subsequent qualification news over the next few months.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Ironing Event Raises Fantastic Funds

Over two Sunday parades, cadets from 84 Squadron have been working hard to raise funds for the Squadron by taking up the ironing challenge.

Cadet John Spelman was set the task to arrange a sponsored fundraiser and came up with the brilliant idea of offering a ironing service for the families and friends of the Squadron. Each item would cost just 50p or £1 for larger items such as sheets and the cadets would send them back home crease free and perfectly pristine.

Cadet Spelman also decided to add a competitive element setting the challenge to each flight to raise the most funds. Green and Red flight went head to head with a little assistance from Orange flight split between them. The winners were Green Flight who raised £43.50. Red Flight's contributions of £35 brought the grand amount raised to £78.50!

Afterwards, Cadet Spelman reflected that it had been a great success saying "not only have we managed to raise some funds, the cadets had fun learning about how to iron different items. The large duvet set from one parent was a bit of a challenge but we managed it!".

The funds will go towards an upcoming planned visit to Bletchley Park. Thank you to all the families who sent in their items and payments.

Certificate Celebrations

On Sunday 9th April cadets from 84 Squadron were presented with a range of certificates to celebrate their recent academic and sporting achievements during the sunny final parade.

The first group called out were those cadets who recently completed their Basic Swimming Proficiency Tests which is the standard level to allow them to take part in future water based actives such as White Water Kayaking.

Following this, Officer Commanding Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson then called out groups of cadets who had achieved their next classification level. Some have just finished their First Class level and therefore this will be their first badge to go on the brassard. For others, its an upgrade as they move along the academic programme. Some cadets were not available for parade today but in total there were 10 First Class, 6 Leading, 5 Leading and 3 Master awards.

Well Done everyone for a fantastic achievement.

See the Squadron Facebook page for the group photographs.