84 Sqn ATC Crest

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Certificate Celebrations

On Sunday 9th April cadets from 84 Squadron were presented with a range of certificates to celebrate their recent academic and sporting achievements during the sunny final parade.

The first group called out were those cadets who recently completed their Basic Swimming Proficiency Tests which is the standard level to allow them to take part in future water based actives such as White Water Kayaking.

Following this, Officer Commanding Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson then called out groups of cadets who had achieved their next classification level. Some have just finished their First Class level and therefore this will be their first badge to go on the brassard. For others, its an upgrade as they move along the academic programme. Some cadets were not available for parade today but in total there were 10 First Class, 6 Leading, 5 Leading and 3 Master awards.

Well Done everyone for a fantastic achievement.

See the Squadron Facebook page for the group photographs.