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Monday, 29 May 2017

84 Squadron's Guide to Air Experience Flying

On Saturday 27th May 2017, 6 cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron were taken to RAF Cosford for a day at No 8 Air Experience Flying School (AEF). For some, this was their first opportunity to get up in the air and they put together a quick guide to their day.

Step 1: Getting There. Travel to RAF Cosford was provided, very kindly, by 29F (Rugby) Squadron who picked up the cadets and accompanying staff early on the Saturday morning but just as they departed there was a loud thunder clap throwing doubt on the ability to get up in the air but luckily the weather held off and didn't impede their activity.

Step 2: Briefing and Training. On arrival at No 8 AEF the cadets were briefed on the schedule for the day and then proceeded to undertake basic parachute and evacuation procedure training. Cadets all have to practice and demonstrate understanding on how to use the parachute

Step 3: Getting Fitted with Kit. Each cadet is then taken through to the kitting room where they are fitted with a flying suit, parachute, helmet and gloves and they await the call for their flight.

Step 4: Crossing the Apron. When the aircraft and pilots are ready, cadets are lead out across the parking area to get fitted into the aircraft alongside their instructor pilots. Some cadets need additional padding to make sure they are fitted correctly!
Step 5: Taxi and Take-Off. Once all the checks have been done, the canopy is closed and the pilot can begin to taxi towards the main runway where they can start the take-off procedures. Up in the air, the cadets are taught basic handling techniques, taking control themselves to feel the effect of the control column before handing back to the pilot who may demonstrate a few aerobatic manoeuvres depending on the weather.

Step 6: Coming back in to Land. Back on solid ground the cadets head back to the waiting area with huge smiles on their faces and lots of fantastic memories of their time up in the air.

All six cadets had such an amazing day with those completing their first flight receiving a certificate for their achievements. They all learnt new skills, developed their cadet experience further and made new friends from the other squadrons who where there.

Thanks for Civilian Instructor Mr Dan Saxton who accompanied the cadets for the day and took all the photographs - for more images, please check out the Squadron Facebook Page.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Crime Scene Investigation: the 84 Squadron Files

On Sunday 21st May 2017, cadets arrived as usual for their Sunday morning parade to find the Squadron cordoned off by crime scene tape and an elaborate plot of murder, theft and accidental injury was presented for them to investigate. Please note, no staff members were hurt in the making of this activity!

Cadets were initially refused entry to the Squadron and given a detailed brief on the morning's events: Warrant Officer John Parker had been in early to update all the clocks and had been assaulted leaving him unconscious on the floor. The initial investigators and forensic team had left in a hurry leaving behind 6 witnesses and several pieces of evidence unprocessed. The cadets were split into two teams and given the task of running their own investigations and to present their findings in the final briefing including their conclusions as to which of the staff members was the assailant. Unfortunately, during the morning and despite Warrant Officer Parker being taken off to hospital for treatment, a message was received that he had succumbed to his injuries and had passed away, beret in hand! This was now a murder case.

Around the Squadron several clues had been set out, some of which were there to throw the cadets off the scent! Each team were permitted an observation walk through of the unit to note down any of these clues before conducting initial interviews with the witnesses. There was then time for them to deliberate their findings and select up to 3 staff to interview further and decide which evidence required closer inspection.

At the final briefing, cadet team leaders presented their evidence and surmised their findings. One team guessed correctly that it was indeed Civilian Instructor Mr Andrew Dudley who had committed the murder. Mr Dan Saxton was found out as a thief who had attempted to steal from the trophy cabinet, Mr Andy Greenway played the overly helpful parent role, Warrant Officer Nick Raske was a disgruntled staff member who got increasingly angry the more he was questioned; Mrs Jessica Jenner threw a curve-ball by coming in early to set up an interview room but had cut her hand on broken glass in the process and therefore caused confusion throughout the crime-scene with a trail of blood; and finally Adult Sergeant Pete Bielakovski played the role of a local dog-walker who just happened to be passing and threw in some extra, unhelpful information!
Some of the Evidence

The complex scenario was the brain-child of Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson, Officer Commanding at 84 Squadron. “I wanted to do something a little different, fun and challenging for the cadets and the idea for a crime scene felt a perfect opportunity for this. I am really grateful for all the staff who took part as they worked hard to pull it off by getting into character and playing their roles perfectly.”

Before everyone starts getting really worried, by some miracle, Warrant Officer John Parker made a full recovery and was back on the unit by final parade!

For the full album of photographs, please check out the 84 Squadron Facebook Page.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

More Success at 84 Squadron

On Wednesday 17th May, Officer Commanding Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, presented yet another batch of certificates on final parade. This time to successful candidates of the Wing's first ever Adult Volunteer Induction Programme (AVIP)Day and to the staff for their HeartStart qualifications.

The AVIP programme has recently been released to replace the old BASIC course and aims to cover introduction to the organisation for any adult volunteers and cadets who are applying to stay beyond 18yrs. The one-day course was run by the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Training and Development Team in Birmingham and covered a range of content including introduction to the Wing structure, staff roles and responsibilities, all important Child Protection and Safeguarding issues as well as basic overview of policies and procedures. For the cadets attending, they gained knowledge on their role as a Staff Cadet post 18yrs of age where they are assumed to take some extra responsibilities and to start getting more involved with the delivery of activities and programmes for the younger cadets.

The second batch of certificates were handed to the staff who recently attended an in-house HeartStart course where they learnt basic First Aid skills and were tested on how to deal with an immediate casualty situation. They seem a bit over excited to receive their certificates, who knew they were so easily pleased!

After parade, Flt Lt Robinson said, "Its always a pleasure to make presentations on final parade and at the moment it certainly seems to be a regular occurrence. Long may this continue! I am really proud of the cadets and staff at 84 Squadron and their achievements and hope this inspires others to come along and find out what we're all about."

If you wish to find out more about 84 Squadron and the Air Cadets, please contact us to arrange an initial visit by emailing: 84@aircadets.org

Monday, 15 May 2017

Putting Knowledge into Practice

Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner was recently able to put some of the first aid training she has undertaken at 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron into practice when she offered advice and assistance to a family whose son had collapsed in the street.

During her time with the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner, aged 17, has been part of the squadron since 2012 and as part of her training she has undertaken two first aid courses. Starting with the British Heart Foundation Heartstart programme which is a basic short course teaching cadets how to deal with basic unconscious and non-breathing casualties. Following this she then took the weekend-long Youth First Aid course which is a St John Ambulance qualification. This goes into much more detail about a wide range of potential scenarios one of which appeared to have happened right in front of Cadet Jenner.

"I was coming out of a friend's house when we saw a group of people surrounding someone lying the in the road, so I ran over to see if I could help. A 16 year old lad had collapsed in the road, and was having an epileptic fit. We made sure that he was in the recovery position, covered him with a blanket, and put pillows under his head. It seemed he had controlled how he fell so didn't have any injuries. He was unconscious but was breathing and occasionally slightly responsive. Someone else had called an ambulance so I stayed with them until it arrived. 

It's good that the training I have had gave me the knowledge that could help him, and I think it is a really valuable part of our learning at cadets."

Well done Cadet Flight Sergeant Jenner.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Civilian Committee Annual General Meeting

The Civilian Committee Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th May at 1930hrs. 
Tea and Coffee available from 1900hrs

All parents and staff are invited to attend and meet with the committee as well as taking opportunity to catch up with the Commanding Officer. 

Anyone interested in joining the Committee (existing parents or new contacts) are invited to attend and find out more about getting involved.

The Agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  • Welcome and Opening
  • Role of the Civilian Committee
  • Financial Overview
  • Election of Officers and new committee members
  • Address but the Commanding Officer
  • Any Other Business
Should you wish to add any additional items, please contact the Squadron via email or, for current parents, a letter has gone home with a reply slip should you wish to attend or add any items for the meeting. Please let us know if you are coming along so we can arrange enough tea / coffee!

We look forward to meeting those who are able to attend.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wing Training Day Results are in.....

The 2017 Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Training Day results have arrived and 84 Squadron have not only remained within the top 10 Squadrons in the Wing but moved forward into overall 6th place!!!

Results from individual competitions are as follows:

Aircraft Recognition = 3rd with Cadet James Phillips gaining the 2nd highest individual score from across all entries.
Drill Team = 12th
Shooting = 4th
Diorama = 5th
Media PR points = 2nd

With 25 squadrons all taking part this is a fantastic achievement and show just how versatile, dynamic and adaptable the Squadron can be to apply themselves consistently year after year to show their skills and strengths. 
This is a huge team effort with both cadets and staff committing their time into the various elements so a big THANK YOU to all who took part in creating this year's phenomena results.

Training Programme

See below links for the May Training Programme.


There are still some blanks as we're allocating staffing to different activities / events so keep checking to see what changes are added. 

Main Points this month are:

  • Sun 7th May - No parade for cadets as we are open for staff training only
  • Wed 17th - Civilian Committee Annual General Meeting. All parents are invited to attend this open meeting for the committee. Letters have gone home with the agenda, please ask if you need this again.

  • This month we have two Duke of Edinburgh expeditions taking place - cadets involved will need to check when they need to bring in their kit for checking etc. 
  • Air Experience Flying - at the end of the month we have our next allocation to get cadets up in the air. Cadets need to be 13y3m minimum and will need to sign up on the noticeboard to bid for a place
  • OC's last parade - on Wed 31 May Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson will be taking her last parade before beginning her maternity leave. It would be lovely to see as many cadets on parade as possible that evening.