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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Crime Scene Investigation: the 84 Squadron Files

On Sunday 21st May 2017, cadets arrived as usual for their Sunday morning parade to find the Squadron cordoned off by crime scene tape and an elaborate plot of murder, theft and accidental injury was presented for them to investigate. Please note, no staff members were hurt in the making of this activity!

Cadets were initially refused entry to the Squadron and given a detailed brief on the morning's events: Warrant Officer John Parker had been in early to update all the clocks and had been assaulted leaving him unconscious on the floor. The initial investigators and forensic team had left in a hurry leaving behind 6 witnesses and several pieces of evidence unprocessed. The cadets were split into two teams and given the task of running their own investigations and to present their findings in the final briefing including their conclusions as to which of the staff members was the assailant. Unfortunately, during the morning and despite Warrant Officer Parker being taken off to hospital for treatment, a message was received that he had succumbed to his injuries and had passed away, beret in hand! This was now a murder case.

Around the Squadron several clues had been set out, some of which were there to throw the cadets off the scent! Each team were permitted an observation walk through of the unit to note down any of these clues before conducting initial interviews with the witnesses. There was then time for them to deliberate their findings and select up to 3 staff to interview further and decide which evidence required closer inspection.

At the final briefing, cadet team leaders presented their evidence and surmised their findings. One team guessed correctly that it was indeed Civilian Instructor Mr Andrew Dudley who had committed the murder. Mr Dan Saxton was found out as a thief who had attempted to steal from the trophy cabinet, Mr Andy Greenway played the overly helpful parent role, Warrant Officer Nick Raske was a disgruntled staff member who got increasingly angry the more he was questioned; Mrs Jessica Jenner threw a curve-ball by coming in early to set up an interview room but had cut her hand on broken glass in the process and therefore caused confusion throughout the crime-scene with a trail of blood; and finally Adult Sergeant Pete Bielakovski played the role of a local dog-walker who just happened to be passing and threw in some extra, unhelpful information!
Some of the Evidence

The complex scenario was the brain-child of Flight Lieutenant Rosie Robinson, Officer Commanding at 84 Squadron. “I wanted to do something a little different, fun and challenging for the cadets and the idea for a crime scene felt a perfect opportunity for this. I am really grateful for all the staff who took part as they worked hard to pull it off by getting into character and playing their roles perfectly.”

Before everyone starts getting really worried, by some miracle, Warrant Officer John Parker made a full recovery and was back on the unit by final parade!

For the full album of photographs, please check out the 84 Squadron Facebook Page.