84 Sqn ATC Crest

Monday, 31 July 2017

On Saturday 24 June 2017, cadets from 84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron joined cadets from Coventry’s other Squadrons as well as Army and Sea Cadets to take part in the Armed Forces Day Parade in the centre of Coventry. 

This was an opportunity for the Squadron to show its support for the men and women who make
up the Armed Forces, from troops who are currently serving, to their families, veterans and other cadets.

Following a church service in Holy Trinity Church, the cadets joined the parade along Broadgate, where the Lord Mayor took the salute. A special presentation was made to 605 Squadron which was formed in the 1920s. It was granted the Freedom of Coventry 65 years ago when it was presented with a silver rose bowl. When the Squadron was disbanded, the bowl was returned to Coventry Council for safe-keeping. 605 Squadron was reformed in November 2014 as an RAF Reserve Logistics Support Squadron, based at RAF Cosford, and the Lord Mayor re-presented the bowl as it can now be displayed in the Squadron HQ.

It was a proud day for two particular cadets,
Cadet Corporal Jack Johnson was selected to accompany the Union Jack, and stood beside it throughout the service, parade and presentation.

And this was the first official duty for Cadet Flight Sergeant Phoebe Jenner in her role of Coventry Lord Mayor’s Cadet for 2017-18. Together with the Lord Mayor’s Cadets from the Army and Sea Cadets, she welcomed the Lord Mayor into the church, and stood guard over the rose bowl during the parade ceremony, before formally meeting the Lord Mayor Councillor Tony Skipper in a reception at the Council House.