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Are You Up To The Challenge?

YOU can join the Air Training Corps - If you live in the UK there is likely to be at least one of our 1000 Squadrons near you - We even have Squadrons located in Germany, Gibraltar and Cyprus!
If you live in or around Baginton, south/south-east Coventry, or Leamington Spa, then 84 Squadron is the one for you.
The ATC is not just looking for cadets, we also have vacancies for adult staff to help run and organise squadron activities. You can do this as either a Civilian Instructor, an Adult NCO or as a Volunteer Reserve Officer - VR(T).


Cadet membership is open to young people, both male and female, between 12 (& in year 8 at school) and 20 years old who accept the challenge. The maximum age for joining is 17. Cadets of all nationalities, backgrounds and abilities are equally welcome.
84 (Coventry Airport) Squadron meets on Wednesday evenings (1900-2130hrs) and Sunday mornings (0930-1230hrs), with all members attending both parade nights. Weekend activities such as inter-squadron sports, competitions, flying and adventure training occur regularly. These activities are not compulsory, but they are what all the mid-week training and fun leads to!
If you think you are up to the challenge of joining one of the area's finest squadrons, read on!

Joining as a New Recruit

Coventry Airport Squadron is happy to welcome personal visits by potential Cadets (ideally accompanied by a parent or guardian) during one of our Parade Nights. Just come along and see if you like it - there is no obligation to join!
We'll be able to discuss what we do, show you a video of Air Cadet activities and answer any queries you or your parents/guardians may have. Don't be shy about taking that first step - it may well be the best thing you have ever done.

Transferring from another Squadron

We welcome enrolled cadets from any Wing who wish to transfer to Coventry Airport Squadron. You will usually be able to keep your uniform, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to hold your rank (unless you are a Cadet Warrant Officer transferring from within Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing).
Please contact us providing your contact details and those of your Squadron so that we may discuss the transfer with your CO.

Adult Staff

All staff within the ACO, whether uniformed or not, are subject to in depth Police and Security checks prior to joining a Squadron or taking part in Corps activities. You do not need to have been a cadet or a member of any armed forces to join the ATC.
There are a number of Uniformed and Non-uniformed roles for adults within the Air Cadet Organisation. As an adult you can help your local Squadron by joining the Civilian Commitee, by becoming a Civilian Instructor, or even donning a uniform to become an non-commissioned or commissioned officer. You do not need to be ex-Services to have the skills to make a difference.
If you would like to receive more information on joining 84 Squadron as an adult volunteer, then please contact us.

Squadron Staff - on the Front Line of the Corps

All staff are volunteers. Each Squadron or Unit is led by Commissioned Officers from the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch). Within the Air Training Corps they are supported by Adult Sergents, Flight Sergants and Warrant Officers with Civilian Instructors completing the team. Most Squadrons also have a Chaplain associated with them.
Staff members are drawn from all backgrounds and walks of life. There may well be some ex-Service men and women amongst the staff but that is not a requirement. It is not uncommon to discover a "Yellow Pages" of trades. Sales Assistants, Mechanics, Police Officers, Students, Zoologists, IT Workers, Unemployed, Council Staff, Businessmen... you could easily find yourself working alongside and making new friends with people who have all sorts of skills and talents.
Whether your interest is in aero-modelling, astronomy, sailing or space travel; whether you have a mountain leaders certificate, gliding wings or no formal qualifications if you want to assist the Air Cadets to develop self-confidence, qualities of leadership and good citizenship you will be amongst good company.
Everyone shares the same commitment to give up their free time to help young people. They enjoy getting involved with something structured and exciting, seeing the Cadets progress and develop. The proud look on a Cadets face when they have achieved their first flight, completed an expedition or big parade and knowing you have been instrumental in helping them achieve it is the reward. It is also extremely good fun because you get to take part in many of the activities yourself whether it be flying, shooting, canoeing etc. It gives a responsibility and challenge that is different from usual day to day work. Those who have previously been Cadets often say they like to "put something back in" but whatever the motivation there are few better, more exciting, rewarding or satisfying ways of avoiding becoming a 'couch potato'.

The Civilian Committee

Each ATC Squadron has a Civilian Committee. These comprise of Parents and Friends of the Squadron. Their role is to ensure the Sqn maintains direction, assisting the Commanding Officer and raising funds.
Fund raising is very important as although each Squadron is allocated a small sum towards its administration costs all other expenses must not be paid for from public money and therefore has to be paid for by the Squadron itself. Other than Flying, Gliding and Shooting and some sporting activities all other activities are funded through fund raising.
Many parents and friends get a great deal of enjoyment, pleasure and fun out of assisting 'their' Squadrons as members of the Civilian Committee. Committees meet to their own timetable, usually once per month, under the direction of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Most Squadron Civilian Committees will be very pleased to accept offers of extra help - even if you can not commit to regular or long term assistance.